September 4, 2012

Who can resist a clever compact indoor garden? Definitely, not me. Auxano hydroponic system by Cardiff based designer Philip Houiellebecq incorporates all essentials of a full-cycle setup in one sleek low-maintenance package. The Auxano garden is window mounted, so that every bit of sunlight is used for growing herbs and veggies.

In the designer’s words: “Auxano was designed to enable the ever increasing amount of city dwellers to grow their own produce effectively and efficiently within the space constraints of city living. Auxano provides very economical vegetable and herb growth rates through maximising exposure to the commonly ignored natural resource in many city flats; sunlight. Its innovative oxygenating pump system further enhances its green credentials in that no electricity is needed for the product to operate.”

Sounds promising. Follow Auxano on Facebook for latest developments and purchasing information.

(via core77)

Carolina on 09/15/12

Hello..are you in vancouver?

Ilshat on 09/15/12

Hello My name is Ilshat. I am from Russia. We are interested in “Auxano”. Tell us more about it. What price? Thank you. my mail

G. Cinelli on 10/18/12

Is this product avalable in Canada

oguzhan on 11/03/12

how to buy? can u give to contact adress? than you. Email :

Mini on 05/22/13


I am Elizabeth and I believe this is a wonderful product.

Are you producing these currently?

I would like to see it and find out more.

Please forward price, product information, buying quantities and any similar products.

I look forward to you contact.

Kind Regards


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