November 8, 2010

Photo by Dmitry Gudkov

My story

My full name is Natalia Repolovsky. I was born in Russia. And believe it or not, design wasn’t always on my mind. In fact, I was trained to be a pianist. I studied the profession for fifteen years, and practiced it for exactly six months. The moment I laid my hands on a glossy design magazine – there was no turning back. I was hooked! In post-soviet Russia, where the predominant color of everything was always gray, design became my connection to a brighter, better life. So, I started writing about it.

In a few years after my first article appeared in print, I’ve been published in dozens of magazines and newspapers, including Russian editions of Elle Decor, Design Illustrated, Gala, Maison Fransaise, Good Housekeeping and others. Soon I became a news editor for one of the biggest interior design magazines in the country. As a design journalist, I have witnessed a lot of luxury and grandeur, but my true interest has always been in finding comfort, style and dignity in small spaces. This is what I knew best from living in big cities like Moscow and, later, New York. I am in infinite awe of designers who study ordinary human lives and use their skill and imagination to create better experiences. This blog is dedicated to them!

My blog

Shoebox Dwelling is designed to help you navigate through resources and inspire you to see possibilities rather than limitations. I believe that when we embrace our living space, no matter how big or small, and make it our own – we will not just dwell, but thrive!

I post whenever I encounter an inspiring project. You can follow along by RSS, email updates, or just by checking the site. If you need to get in touch with me – send me an email or catch me on Twitter!