October 2, 2013


I’m quite fond of this stylish cat house from studio Modern Mews. Sleek and aesthetically pleasing, it will not be an eyesore in any space. And your kitty will appreciate the privacy, comfy cushion inside and a peekaboo slit on the back. The interior is covered with carpet to keep your scratchy companion occupied. The white acrylic panels are removable, so it’s easy to take the whole construction apart for cleaning. The item is made to order.


August 8, 2013


If you have a big dog and a small apartment, you will love this thing. Designed by architects April Clark and Ed Richardson of Clark | Richardson Architects, Murphy’s Paw dog bed folds up against the wall and takes virtually no space. Unfold it with one fluid movement whenever her canine highness is ready for a nap. Brilliant! The piece is available in stained mahogany and painted wood. Contact designers for pricing.


June 28, 2013


This good looking cat tower by Qcha caught my eye. Comprised of modular boxes, it creates sleeping and entertaining units for your kitty without compromising the style of the rest of the apartment. Each module comes with a carpet for comfort and a window for all your cat’s important observations. The components are attached to each other with a few regular screws, so the installation process shouldn’t require too much elbow grease. I also like the versatility of the design. Each box can be used separately as a fee-standing item or mounted on the wall.

 (via yanko design)


May 17, 2013


Every cat-lover has to face the inevitable – cats will always attempt to scratch furniture. Of course, you can try to plea, negotiate, threat and/or offer them scratchy toys. But all these patronizing techniques are usually dismissed by the animal, who is infinitely better at patronizing than any human. Not to mention – scratchy toys add clutter to the room. So, what are the options? I quite like the idea, developed by artist and designer Crystal Gregory for studio Modernist Cat. She incorporated scratch-pads into lovely mid-century inspired storage. The Circa50 console, aside from the cat-friendliness, is a beautiful leaning piece, ideal for any small apartment. It takes very little floor space and creates a functional solution for keeping important items at hand, while giving your cat the ultimate place to express herself. The piece is handcrafted from walnut hardwood veneer ply and features removable/replaceable carpet tiles for scratching. The carpet tiles are available in five colors.


March 29, 2013


Catissa is a four storey cat house designed by Russian design studio mojorno. The piece combines all the features cats and humans desire: it is attached to the wall, freeing the floor space, provides height and safety, allowing the cats to do their important thinking in peace, and the fun geometry and multiple color options make it a notable object in the room. Catissa is ideal for high and otherwise unusable corners. Small ladder is mounted between the cat house and human furniture to give cats easy access to their quarters. Catissa is made of solid wood and features cushions that can be easily removed and washed.

(via designboom)


August 1, 2012

Here is another brave attempt to dictate a cat where to lounge – Cat Crib. The idea of the piece is to provide a hiding place for your feline companion without erecting a large and expensive item of cat furniture in your living room. Your cat might very well dis it, of course, but at least you’ll stay in the confines of space. The Cat Crib is made from a sturdy washable material and features adjustable no-slip straps. The piece is designed to fit any chair or small table. Check out the video to see it in action.

(via DesignRulz)


December 22, 2011

There are two things every pet owner knows about cat beds: 1) everything in your home is a cat bed (especially your trousers of the contrasting with the cat color); 2) your cat will take pride in ignoring your every attempt to provide her with a place to sleep. Cats are independent creatures, and it is challenging to keep their habits in sync with your organizational needs. But hopefully this piece from Lithuanian artists Vaiva Nat can give you an edge in your negotiations. Soft and wooly (made of 100% wool felt), the bed has a simple, modern design. It is also easily collapsable, and you can put it in any extravagant location your cat chooses as a slumber spot. I also love the fact that the shape of the bed gives both privacy and air to the cat. A well thought-out piece that might just work.

November 15, 2011

Last week I had the pleasure to meet designers Brett Teper and Rich Williams of ModProducts and talk about this cool thing they’ve made – a vertical enclosed cat litter that saves space, eliminates odor and can be used in any room. Called ModKat, the piece is envisioned to embrace modern urban setting. Its clean and versatile design allows blending it with any decor. And because the piece considers feline habits, there is no pet training needed. Just introduce it to your cat, and he or she will be naturally intrigued by the top entry. Smart and pleasing object I am seriously thinking of buying. Watch the video to see ModKat in more detail.

And here is the evidence of actual usage: