May 2, 2012

This elegant coat stand has been created by New Zealand born and London based designer Leonhard Pfeifer for the furniture brand Woodman. Simple and sculpturesque, the piece looks equally beautiful empty or laden with things. Here is how Pfeifer describes it: “I was drawn to the geometrical strength of the design and to the practicality of the vertical elements with horizontal joining members, both of which act functionally to provide areas to hang coats, scarves, bags and the like, but which also form strong design elements. The proportions minimise the footprint for compact entry halls, while ensuring a sufficient base to maintain stability.” The Eiden coat stand has recently scored a 2012 Design Guild Mark from the Worshipful Company of Furniture Makers in London which recognises excellence in design, use of materials, manufacture and function.


April 11, 2012

Welcome to the Jungle is the name of the furniture collection, designed by Rui Alves, force behind My Own Superstudio. It is comprised of five pieces that can be stacked in many different ways, creating shelving, seating, multilevel console/occasional tables and even coat hangers. I love the colorful fun the line projects. Little columns on the side of each piece really do add animal resemblance, something kinds of all ages will appreciate.

(via swissmiss)


March 14, 2012

The Kleiderstiele (German for “clothing sticks”) are minimal and clever leaning clothing racks. Designed by Johanna Dehio for Raumgestal, the pieces pose an alternative to the traditional clothing storage arrangements. Light, thin and easily movable, the Kleiderstiele can be stored when not in use and offered to a guest or a party of guests in seconds. The collection includes three hanger sticks of different height and one, equipped with hooks for scarves, hats and handbags. And thanks to the leaning principle – the more you put on these racks, the sturdier they become.


January 27, 2012

This ingenious X hanger was created by Israeli designer Kfir Schwalb. Thanks to its cross-shaped design, the piece can accomodate two hanging options in one - a hook rack option and a clothes hanger option. The fusion of these two functions is what informed the idea of the piece. The X hanger is made from powder-coated, bent steel and comes in a variety of colors.


January 18, 2012

This project from Berlin based studio Ambivalenz is aesthetically pleasing and makes a lot of sense too. The collection of collapsible pieces – chair, stool and coat rack – can be stored completely flat. But here is the kicker – one side of each piece features artwork, so it can be displayed on the wall instead of occupying your closet. What a neat idea! I also quite like the string folding/unfolding mechanism that brings the stool and the coatrack in motion. The stool can be turned upside down and serve as a magazine rack. Plain white versions of each item are also available. The Ambivalenz collection is currently displayed at the Designers Fair 2012 in Cologne.


January 9, 2012

A modern take on a classic idea, Lodelei coat rack was created by designers Martin Pärn and Edina Dufala-Pärn for Nils Holger Moormann. The piece includes a frame with hooks and a canvas pocket for bags and smaller items. This bag storage part made me overjoyed (a New York woman’s bag cannot be hung without bringing the hook down), it looks elegant and can also preserve your wall from wet clothes. The frame is made from untreated ash wood. And because of its clever leaning construction – the more weight you put on it, the stabler the rack becomes.

(via Dezeen and Stilsucht


October 3, 2011

This clever modular coat hanger by Veronika Wildgruber (in collaboration with Susanne Stofer) is made of series of Y-shaped hooks, mounted on polyamide rope that is typically used for mountain climbing. Called Wardrope (witty!), the piece is suspended from the ceiling via included ceiling hook. It holds up to 30 pounds of coats, bags, or whatever it is you wish to hang. You can adjust the hooks to the hight you need by simply sliding them along the rope. There is a weight at the end of the rope, which keeps it under tension. Sold here.

September 9, 2011

If you are an eco-conscious typography geek, you will like this collection. The A Range by London based design company ByAlex includes a stool, side table and a coat stand, all of which are based around two interlocking ‘A’-s (hence the name). These A-shaped structures keep the furniture strong and stable. The pieces are highly adaptable and can play many roles around the house – occasional tables, plant stands, even mini-desks. All items are made from accredited birch plywood, which makes for a responsible eco-friendly design.


August 2, 2011

An object isn’t generous enough if it only performs one function. And we, urban folks, living in tiny apartments, are especially in need of clever, multifunctional objects. Luckily designers are happy to oblige. Here is an interesting project by Hsiang Wang, called Complete Me, Please! and comprised of three pieces: a broom and dustpan / rubbish bin combination (my personal favorite), a lamp with an integrated fly swatter, and a coat rack with hooks that double as shoehorns.

Here is how the designer explains his vision: ‘Not all objects are easy to store as people might expect. People have no idea how to deal with some objects even though they are useful utensils. The aim of this project is create a series of objects related to the household environment which combine two individual utensils into a single appliance. Each must be bi-functional, pertain to a mutually beneficial relationship, and provide a home for the two component products.’

July 19, 2011

This piece is called Astgabel and created by Weimar based designer Sebastian Schönheit. And this is one of those items that give you ‘why haven’t I thought of that’ nightmare, so simple and straightforward it is. Two planks of wood with notches/hooks crossed into an X shape and leaned against the wall – and there you have it, a functional and minimalistic coat hanger. The rubber tips add traction to the points of contact with the floor. So, the more you hang on it, the sturdier the Astgabel coat rack becomes.