August 15, 2015

– Made me laugh (and recognize myself). What will happen if I don’t take my phone out.

– A stunning photo of Crimea.

– Addicted to this game right now: Specimen.

A WTF product of the week…

Sky Ladder. Amazing pyrotechnic artwork.

This adorable sea slug is solar powered.

– Economies and corporations explained using cows. Funny.

– And something for the senses. 20 minutes of kite flying.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks!

January 9, 2015


This alarm app donates to a charity of your choice when you snooze. Genius.

– Absolutely mesmerizing. A time-lapse of a major shoebox renovation in Russia.

– Liking this book: You Have Too Much Shit.

– Space nerds, feast your eyes on this 1.5 billion pixel photograph of the Andromeda galaxy.

– Probably the most hilarious cosplay I’ve seen.

– Two thumbs up to whoever designed this Whale tea infuser.

Have a nice weekend, everybody!

December 6, 2014


– Space nerds will LOVE this website – Wiki Sky.

This is how they make shrimp in Japan.

– My friend Donald Rattner (creator of Module-R) wrote a book. And proved ones again that our tastes are incredibly similar.

Beautiful haiku topographical experiments by Eli Kleppe.

Meanwhile in Russia

– Absolutely love these Mondrian inspired post-its.

How to make scrambled eggs without cracking a shell.

– Possibly the coolest keyboard ever.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks!

September 13, 2014


– Brilliant (and perfect for blogs). Transform your website into an app in seconds.

– Argh, missed this Kickstarter… ButterUp knife. #wishlisted

– 7 pretty neat Netflix hacks.

If I was a smoker, I would totally buy this ashtray.

– A Molescine notebook, designed for Livescribe smart pens? Shut up and take my money.

– Saving a fat gopher. Hilarious.

– Lots of mind-blowing space photos here.

– Do you know how to take coffee naps properly? Read.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, everybody!

September 6, 2014


How different groups spend their day. In America.

– Really easy and cool way to serve and eat a watermelon.

– This photo of the sun blew. my. mind.

– Fantastic gift idea. Certificate of Awesomeness.

– Funny geeky vid – Java 4 Ever.

– I wouldn’t mind to have this T-shirt from hydrophobic fabric. Sold here.

House with rotating rooms. Wow.

– A brilliant idea – chocolate Lego cubes.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, folks!