May 31, 2013


– An astonishingly beautiful coffeehouse.

3D latte art – cute.

– This photographer has devoted his entire life to photographing Mt. Fuji. Props to him, stunning shots.

– A hilarious look at Swedishness.

Carrot whisk. Yes!

– Instantly wishlisted – iPhone 5 magnetic battery cover.

Have a pleasant weekend, folks!


This minimalist bed has been created by Moritz Furmann, Peter Kraft and Jochen Maria Weber o studio Neue Werkstatt. Designers combined clean lines, pure materials and easy to assemble structure. The result – a beautiful and manageable piece of furniture, neutral and adaptable. The plug-in principle allows to put the bed together without the use of tools. And if something changed in your life and you need to have a smaller or bigger bed – simply replace the headboard and footboard. How clever is that?

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May 30, 2013


I love slot-in designs, as you might have noticed. They make assembly of furniture easy, eliminate fiddling with hardware and create playfulness that is hard to beat. This modular storage system by Belgian designer Xavier Coenen, called MoMogul, is a perfect example of this approach. A stackable solution, composed of three modules of different size, interlocks seamlessly to create customizable bookcases, media storage systems, display pieces and more. I love the agility of this idea. You can just as easily take the item apart and redesign it on the spot. Beautiful. The MoMogul shelving system is made from birch plywood and comes in a variety of colors.

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May 28, 2013


I’m a big fan of the Bouroullec brothers’ designs, and this particular one is especially endearing. The little smooth shelves, called Corniches, create beautiful and multifunctional storage. Here is how designers describe their idea: “The same way that we hang our belongings on a rock jutting from a cliff before diving into the sea, we need small, informal storage in everyday life too.” Shaped as individual, isolated protrusions in space, Corniches adapt to your unique taste and purpose. Use them for your keys beside the front door, as a pedestal for a small collection of objects or as a broad wall display, – the choice is yours. And to aid your creative process the manufacturer, Swiss brand Vitra, created an iPhone app that lets you take a picture of your wall and virtually test the location of your chosen shelves. So cool.  Corniches are available for purchase here.


May 24, 2013


– The first look at the new exhibition of Ron Mueck’s brilliant sculptures.

– As a formal Brooklynite I have a soft spot for the projects like this one – Constellation Quilt by Haptic Lab. (via swissmiss)

– Fascinating. How histrorical figures would look today.

I heart this mirror. What a clever idea…

– Dramatic shots of volcanic eruption made from space.

– A really cool chandelier that creates tree shadows.

– The Inbox – a short film depicting spam messages.

– And something for the senses – a stunning shot of cherry blossoms in bloom in the Tszuki Ward of Yokohama, Japan.

Have a great weekend, guys!

May 22, 2013


The Desk Pad by Eric Degenhardt is a minimalist and space-saving alternative to a traditional home office arrangement. The piece is wall-mounted, which means – no precious floor real estate have been wasted. Perfect for those of us living in tight quarters! I also love the combination of thin powder coated steel and leather. The Desk Pad contains storage compartments for you files, papers and writing tools. Though compact and streamlined, it has enough space for a power strip, a necessity of our time.

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May 21, 2013


It is always a thrilling moment when a good idea makes it to the production line. Even more thrilling is actually seeing it happen. One of my all-time faves, the Timber table by talented designer and carpenter Julian Kyhl, is about to be funded at ideacious. So, ladies and gents, if you’re on a market for a collapsible dining table – check it out. Watch the mesmerizing assembly video after the break to see how the piece works.

(thank you, Kenna)



Last week I made a post about a disappearing kitchen, this time – it’s a dining room that disappears. German manufacturer Alno created a set, table and two seats, that is built right into the kitchen cabinetry and can be tucked away when not in use. A lovely thought for a tiny space dweller. Although the weight capacity of the pull-out pieces is a concern, I really love the idea. In a small studio where all functional areas are interchangeable, it is nice to have an option of a dining set that takes no room. I’m curious though – what kind of witchcraft magic designers used to fit the table into that narrow cabinet…

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May 20, 2013


This beautiful loft is located right in my neighborhood, Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The initial layout was challenging, as many New York apartments are (see the dramatic before photos after the break). The footprint of the place is only 425 square feet, but luckily the height of the unit is ample and generously crowned with access to a roof terrace (a big luxury in our steel jungle).

Here is how the architect, Specht Harpman, describes this project: “Our solution created four separate “living platforms” inserted within the space that provide room for all the essentials and still allow the apartment to feel open and light-filled. Given the minuscule size of the apartment, every inch of space is put to use. Stairs are not merely for circulation through the apartment, but feature built-in storage cabinetry and drawers below. The main bath and shower, in fact, are also built below the primary staircase. The kitchen featured fully concealed appliances, flip up high storage units for easy access, and a countertop that wraps into the main living space, becoming a virtual “hearth” with built-in entertainment system.”

Thanks to all these built-ins, there isn’t much need for the traditional furniture. Only three pieces remain – a couch, a bed and a chair. This ascetic approach creates some open space and contributes to the minimalist style of the interior.

Photography by Taggart Sorensen

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May 17, 2013


Gorgeous monochromatic underwater photography by Hengki Koentjoro.

– Remember Patch, a stylish self-watering planter? They are Kickstarting! Pledge to get yours.

– First Taste – an adorable video of children tasting unfamiliar foods.

– Really heart this notebook/iPhone holder by DODOnotes.

– A weird and funny ad for Windows.

– If we have to dwell on our failures, let’s do it creatively – The Museum of Brocken Relationships.

– This awesome Pumpcast video has made my day.

– A stunning thread bookcase by Raw Edges.

Have a pleasant weekend, everybody!