June 30, 2011

This elegant table set from 3patas is based on the idea of seamlessly blending three pieces in one. Called 3×3, the set can be arranged in various configurations or neatly combined to form a family. When the smaller tables are being used, the openings can be filled with the perfectly fitting bowls. Here is what the designers say about this unusual project: After researching different users, we found that in many cases, they were living with limited space (such as inner city lofts) and were searching for solutions which could adapt to their various requirements. Whether it be entertaining friends, having a coffee, watching TV or simply eating dinner, the adaptability of 3×3 makes the table an attractive solution for these users.’

June 29, 2011

It seems that there are two basic types of aircons on the market today – ugly and hideous. Aside from that – all of them play real havoc with your electric bill and negatively impact the environment. This impressive concept from designer Rami Santala is envisioned to address both problems. Visually stunning piece, called Foliage, is small enough to fit on a windowsill and smart enough to detect sunlight and use it to power the device. Inspired by houseplants, Foliage transforms the shape of its ‘leaves’ to harvest more light. Another reason why this idea makes perfect sense is that we mostly need air-conditioning during the summer, when the sunlight is abundant. So, there you have it – the air that is clean and cool in all senses of the word.

Here is a bright idea from Washington based company Rotoluxe. They combined tables and planters with CFL/LED lighting, creating a double function that is not only attractive, by also eco-conscious. All luminous pieces are made from 100% recycled plastic, which makes them environmentally friendly. The manufacturing process is highly sustainable too – left over shavings and cut-away pieces go right back into the shredder to make fresh new parts. So, instead of cluttering a landfill, used plastic bottles and production scraps can illuminate and enhance the space around us. And that is a beautiful thing…

June 28, 2011

Mind the Gap is the entrance furniture collection from Norwegian designer Ida Noemi. Comprised of two pieces – a chair and a console – the line responds to different actions in the entrance. The series of boxes resemble cityscapes and provide storage for your essentials as you pass through the area. ‘The entrance is the first room you enter in a home, and the last room you leave. It bridges the gap between the private world and the outside world. Thinking of the entrance this way, it can be defined as a transition portal between the two worlds. You never spend time there, yet you always pass by – a transitional moment of extreme stress or ultimate relief,’ – says the designer. Thus, the pieces create a ‘charge/relief station,’ helping you to get armed for your day and disarmed when you are back home and ready to relax.

The quest for the perfect table is not the prerogative of adults. A children’s play table should include many important components. It needs to be ergonomically correct, exhibit inspired design and, ideally, have some storage. This beautiful piece from Benjamin Cherner might just have what it takes. Durable and visually appealing, the table is equipped with a storage box in the middle. The top is exposed edge 1” thick cross-ply plywood, with exposed edge laminated wood legs. The piece seats eight and comes in different heights and color combinations.

Domenic Fiorello‘s Plant Pods are a great way to grow and display your succulents without cluttering any horizontal surfaces in your home. Stylish and minimalistic, these planters can be purchased in groups and create various combinations on the wall. Designed specifically for small plants like cacti, these shelves can be a great solution for someone who has no space or gardening talent for more elaborate greenery. Plant Pods are made of white oak and ABS plastic.

June 27, 2011

I heart Resource Furniture. How can I not – they think, breathe and dream small spaces. In this video the company’s president Ron Barth shows some of their new models. His New York accent does not surprise me at all! If you are in the area – check out the flagship store.

This slick and beautiful piece performs two functions – it serves as a full length mirror and a clothes valet. Designed by Jethro Macey for the Italian brand ex.t, the piece provides place for your bathrobe, towels, clothes, shoes and accessories. The frame is made from natural oak.

This bookcase is a proof that product designers are geeking out too. A human height book robot, called Robox, was created by Fabio Novembre for Casamania. The piece is made of metal, and thanks to its unexpected shape can house books of many different sizes. The red heart feature is especially touching. I could think of a few tomes to put in there…

June 24, 2011

When it comes to bathroom storage we, small space inhabitants, are not spoiled with the abundance of choice. Which is why this collection from Royo Group is so exciting. The Keops Evolution series feature functional drawers and shelves around the bathtub itself. This elegant solution allows for much needed product/towel storage while taking virtually no extra space. It also provides for easy access to your beauty spoils. Thoughtful… The bathtub finishes are available in white acrylic and walnut and the furniture part can be chosen to be white or black.