May 8, 2012

It’s that time of year when the little outdoor space we have is being enjoyed and celebrated. And if you are an urban dweller, every square inch of that space should be used wisely. This brilliant little item by Torafu Architects, called Skydeck, allows you to have an eating or drinking surface without cluttering your balcony (or fire escape) with outdoor furniture. Made from canadian red cedar, the Skydeck provides a simple and functional addition to any place with handrails. It attaches to the rails effortlessly and folds flat when not in use. Creates space, takes zero space when stored - beautiful idea.

(via designboom)


March 14, 2011

If you are blessed with a bit of outdoor space – you might like this clever system from Haldane Martin, called Wallflower Urban Garden. The modular system is made up of three different sized planters, creating a hexagonal, fractal pattern that climbs up vertical surfaces. Each of the three sizes of planters has been specifically designed for the differing soil depth requirements. The video below explains more about the system, its inspiration and usage. Enjoy!