August 31, 2011

The items of this kind are great fun. But when your children grow up, they often become a nuisance – too bulky to store, and too emotionally memorable to dispose of. As the result, they create clutter. This vehicle, Japanese designer Masahiro Minami made for his son, is employed to fight clutter instead of creating it. Minami proposed a simple solution that integrated a pull-out drawer attached to a tail-like rope so that the vehicle could also be used for storage. Beautiful!

2B is a fun bookcase, created by Mexican studio Mob. Its most notable feature is the dynamic between simple classic shelves and rotating colorful dividers. These moving panels allow to accommodate larger items and also create a beautiful backdrop for whatever is displayed on the shelves. The piece comes in walnut or lacquered ash.

August 30, 2011

This is just delightful. Austin Hay is 16 years old, a high school student and the youngest member of the Small House Movement. His 130 square feet tiny house will soon be ready for full autonomy from the parents’ backyard. Austin is planing to travel with it to college and be mortgage free. ‘Living small means less bills and less chores,’ – says the young homeowner. Sounds like a good strategy to me… Watch the video above for a detailed house tour.

August 29, 2011

This cool attempt to combine furniture with lighting reminds me of the Blanco White collection I featured some time ago. Light in Drawer, the concept design by Shinoby Koizumi, also adds an ambient touch to storage. Each drawer of this cabinet is fitted with the lighting source, beaming through the wooden facade. By opening drawers you can create various lighting effects. The knobs are nothing more than the screw caps of the same bulbs used for illuminating the piece (lovely humorous detail). Besides, having light inside your drawers is always a helpful thing.

This fruit basket from Kare Frandsen is suspended from the ceiling, allowing you to display and store fruits without using any counter space. The piece is comprised of two interlocking metal rings, connected by rubber mesh. You can pick fruits from any side of the sphere just by sticking your hand between the rubber lines. Aside from its obvious space-saving qualities, this fruit basket has one more hidden bonus. The air around the fruit is constantly replaced, allowing it to last longer. So, no more excuses for not having fresh fruits around…

August 27, 2011

A lot has been said about space limitations we face with urban gardening. But even if you have it all figured out with vertical systems and compact planter designs, there is still one more item you need to find room for – a watering can. It needs to be easy to store while holding enough water for your indoor jungle. This watering can by Japanese designer Kazuya Washio might just fit the bill. Called Bloccon (‘block’ + ‘icon’), the piece has a square lego-like shape, which allows us to fit it in tight spaces. You can even put it between your books! It is ergonomic too. The spout designed to produce controlled and steady flow of water. And its compact handle makes it easy to rotate while reaching those high up vertical planters. The product comes in a variety of colors and can be purchased here.


August 26, 2011

We, urban dwellers, are jaded for a reason. Population density, compact living arrangement, steady 24/7 activity on the streets, – all these things create noise. Constant, unavoidable, ubiquitous noise, day in and day out. Wouldn’t it be nice to simply eliminate the unwanted sounds around you (especially that loathsome leafblower-loving neighbor on a Saturday morning)? This concept by Emil Blanco is an attempt to do so. Called Hush, the device cancels out sounds, creating a quiet and serene bubble around you. The product mainly lives on the nightstand or bedside table but can be located in any area of the apartment were silence is desired.
It is also envisioned as a charger for your phone, media player, and alarm. Perfect item for an urban home. Can’t wait to see it produced.

This good-looking kitchen clock, available at Terrain, doubles as a writing surface. Its chalkboard face is minimal and uncluttered, providing enough space to write notes, shopping lists and reminders. You can also fill your own numbers, if there is nothing else to say. Made from birch wood, the piece contains chalk and eraser storage (points for space-saving!). Assorted chalks in primary colors are included.

Garbage disposal is an unglamorous thing, but unless it is properly organized – nothing glamorous is ever possible. And this minimalist trashcan by Hommin makes good organizational sense. Unlike the Cuum piece, I featured yesterday, the Clip trashcan is very low-tech. It consists of two interlocking wooden frames, merged with clothespins on their ends. The object is compatible with all types of  bags. You can use plastic ones for kitchen waste, and more elegant textile ones for paper. The Clip trashcan can also be used as a hamper. Smart stuff!

August 25, 2011

This concept project by Noon Studio made me gasp, that’s how clever it was. A stool that can also serve as a building block for a modular shelving system! Called simply Steel Stool, the piece is made from steel and oak. And if you put several of them together, you can get yourself a good-looking and functional bookcase; and when extra seating is needed – take your shelving unit apart in seconds. Thanks to its shape, the item provides storage even when used as a freestanding stool. Design that multiplies storage… I really like that.