September 30, 2013


Editor’s note: This is a guest post from Donald M. Rattner.

The five-piece Steam Tower by Menu takes the best qualities and techniques of the traditional Asian steam cooker and adapts them to contemporary use by means of innovative, modular and elegant Scandinavian design.

To prepare a meal, the Tower components are stacked above the porcelain water-filled base and placed in the oven. When the water vaporizes, the steam circulates through the oven and the perforated openings in the base of the upper components, cooking the food while retaining its moisture. Since the steam doesn’t transfer taste among foods, it’s an ideal way of cooking fish, meat, vegetables and dessert together at the same time.

Not only does that cut down on successive cooking times, it also helps the environment by using fuel more efficiently. And, being attractive enough to go straight to table for serving, there are fewer dishes to wash after the meal – another time and energy-saver. Made from white porcelain. Designed by Christian Bjørn.


September 27, 2013

What happens when you freeze flowers and shoot them with a gun? Something very cool.

– Possibly the most minimalist playing cards I’ve ever seen.

Louis C.K. talks about sadness – absolutely brilliant.

– Love this idea of a product – soup sticks.

– A mesmerizing video – The Street Aesthetic of New York City.

This house-shaped humidifier is adorable.

– This could be my favorite Mercedes-Benz ad of all time.

– A beautiful tribute to the iconic Wishbone chair – delight for the senses.

Have a lovely weekend, everybody!

September 26, 2013


Elegant futons are not easy to come by. I only featured one in the past. This one, called Figo, is another futon idea I quite like, mainly because it can look and function like a legitimate and attractive piece of furniture. A lounge chair by day, Figo transforms into an impromptu bed by night. Perfect for small apartments and unexpected guests. The frame is made in Denmark from sustainable nordic pine, the mattress and the headrest are produced from soft and durable polycotton (55% cotton and 45% polyester). Figo comes in nine colors. Available for purchase here.



This small and beautiful writing table has been created by Amsterdam based designer Roel Huisman. The piece is first in its kind, its tabletop is made from polyester resin. Added pigments informed the subtle aquamarine color and the opaque quality. Ash-wood accessories complete the workspace. The table features a lamp, a vase and a small storage compartment, concealed by a sliding ash writing surface.


September 25, 2013


If you are guilty of systematically killing your greenery – this product might help. Moistly, a cute plant alarm, will notify you when your plans need attention. The device is stuck in the soil next to a plant. When the plant needs water, Moistly senses this and starts to bleep and blink by playing a short melody and flashes a green LED light to alert you. It looks unobtrusive and doesn’t take away from the beauty of the plant. I also like that there is no learning curve involved in using this product. No network, no configuration. Simply put it into the soil and walk away.



This multifunctional shelf, aptly called Nomad, has been created by studio VE2 for the Danish furniture brand Skagerak. Elegant and understated, Nomad can be used in any room. You can easily move it around and change its function with supplementary shelves and hooks. The piece has won the The Formland Design Award in 2012. Available for purchase here.


September 24, 2013


Lean Man table series were created by UK based studio & Then Design. It is the combination of a table and a bookshelf that really made me look. Made out of ash and spray lacquered MDF, the Leaning Man range uses the wall to hold themselves in position. And, as it is typical for any leaning constructions, the more weight you put onto them – the more stable they become. The pieces are produced in seven vibrant colors. Available for purchase here (or, if you’re in the US – here).



Square footage is often a problem in urban areas, but if you are blessed with good ceiling height and ingenuity – there is always a solution. This unusual London loft comfortably houses full-size living, dining, and sleeping areas in a small space. This is achieved by putting the bedroom on a platform, suspended from the ceiling. It’s high enough to have some level of privacy, and the skylight right above the bed prevents any claustrophobic feelings. The staircase, leading to the bedroom, extends all the way to the roof garden – another beautiful detail. I also quite like the open vintage bathtub (with the shower curtain serving as a window curtain). An uninhibited and smart use of space.


September 23, 2013


This sink has been designed by Monica Graffeo for Italian brand Rexa, and it’s a beauty. The ample storage the piece contains does not take away from the elegance of the form. Inspired by Japanese aesthetic, the piece looks minimalist and simple. I quite like the fact that the shelving and the base-basket look as if they were one continuous unit.

(via kb culture)


September 20, 2013

– Another cool school bus transformation into a mobile home.

– Fun and cute student hotel in Amsterdam.

– The best prank ever – fake apocalypse.

– An amazing video, showing human life’s aging in five minutes.

– These Japanese zipper bags are awesome.

– An interesting project – The Listening Cloud.

– Possibly the most adorable analog alarm clock I’ve seen.

– What a genius idea – footwear origami.

Have a nice weekend, folks!