February 20, 2012

The Soft Fold Cabane is a temporary space, complete with several quilted duvets, a reading table, a low bench and a lamp. Designed by Marie Dessuant and Margaux Keller, this system can create an instant guest iceland or become a temporary solution for a newly rented apartment. Folding wooden screens create privacy.

According to the designers, the piece has its origins in a found object with very particular properties:

“It is a foldable wooden structure, found in the darkest corner of an antique market in the north of Scotland.” the duo say.

“The origin of this structure is unknown, but we are guessing that it had a previous life as fishing tent. Perhaps it was set up on a riverbank and, with the addition of a canvas, it would shelter fisherman from the elements. Whether this speculation is true or not, we know it is now out of use.”

Soft Fold Cabane is currently being exhibited in the Next Cabane exhibition; a Fabrica group show at MUDAM Luxembourg which runs until the 10th of June.

(via M.E. Design Magazine)


November 29, 2011

Facet is a clever modular space divider designed by Bas van Leeuwen & Mireille Meijs of Bloomming. Produced by 3form, the item is made from all recyclable materials and can be easily incorporated in any space, big or small. This truly versatile object allows you to customize width, length and even transparency of your divider – the segments rotate 360 degrees and create various patterns and levels of privacy. The installation is easy, the components attach to a frame with a simple click. Beautifully well thought out product, ideal for open floor plans and studio apartments.

November 7, 2011

Designer Thiemo Hildebrandt explored the underused space beneath the staircase, which he turned into a retreat. The project includes a series of staircase extensions on various levels, which allow anything ‘from sitting, napping, awaking, reaching, discovering and finding to even hiding or simply resting.’ What a great concept! Lovely video too.

September 26, 2011

These attractive room partition screens, called Modulari, were created by Brooklyn based studio Razortooth Design. Comprised of 12 in. sq. modules, these dividers are called to define, divide and decorate your space at the same time. The assembly is simple and requires very little tool-waving. The pieces are made from a lightweight, non-toxic, EVA (Ethyl Vinyl Acetate) – a recyclable material, that is also easy to maintain. Available in two colors and designs, Modulari can segment the room without blocking the light. Perfect for small studio apartments.

July 11, 2011

Tumbleweed Tiny House Company was established by Jay Shafer, who practices the art of living small like no other human being. Jay plans and builds tiny houses (some of which are smaller than 90 square feet!). You can buy it ready made or build it from plans yourself. All Jay’s creations are van-compatible and can be transported to the new address at a moment’s notice. Truly efficient, eco-conscious, nomad living. Check out the videos below for space-saving and lifestyle-changing ideas.

June 14, 2011

Eco designer Petz Scholtus recently celebrated the completion of her most personal project. She adapted her own apartment in Barcelona to a green lifestyle. The place, located in the historic Barri Gòtic area, is on the smallish side – only 58 square meters (624 square feet). It was in the desperate need of a major gut reno when Petz bought it in 2006. In order to make the apartment livable and green (and to save some green too), she implemented the five Rs of eco design: Reuse | Reduce | Recycle | Restore | Respect. The result is a hip and responsible eco pad, full of innovative solutions and fun details. Do watch the video of the apartment tour, revealing lots of great space-saving ideas. Also, check out Petz’s blog to see all stages of the process and many useful resources.

Photos by Stefano Buonamici

May 20, 2011

Someone I infinitely admire once said: ‘An object isn’t generous enough if it has just a single function.’ This room divider by Guadalajara based designer Diego Gutierrez Hermosillo is generous. In addition to its space-separating role, it also provides sitting, illumination, and visual delight. Called Zebra for its stripy wooden pattern, the piece looks equally amazing with and without LED light, enhancing space on both sides. A far cry from your average partition…

May 19, 2011

Vancouver based studio Molo brought their famous Softwall + Softblock modular system to the ICFF. For those who don’t remember, it is an innovative freestanding partition that can be expanded, contracted and shaped however you please. Each building element folds flat thanks to the clever honeycomb structure of the material. Made from polyethylene these partitions can create airy room dividers, with an option of LED lighting inside them. Recently Sortwall + Softblock has been refined by introducing different heights and colors, as well as adding accessories. The connection between the blocks is achieved via concealed magnets for a seamless, continuous wall of any shape and length. Great stuff!

May 2, 2011

This 22 m2 Barcelona apartment used to be a service room, where the water tanks were stored. But that was before Christian Schallert, its present owner, and architect Barbara Appolloni took on the project. Now it is a fully functional pad, smart, versatile and very stylish. Complete with the little terrace – the space can be transformed into several rooms – bedroom, kitchen, dining room, office. All thanks to clever storing solutions, hidden in walls. Christian calls it ‘an active apartment’ and claims that these daily space-transforming ‘exercises’ keep him in shape. Another hidden bonus of living small…

April 29, 2011

Out of many design innovations shown during the Salone del Mobile 2011 in Milan, Synapse from LucePlan is my personal favorite! This modular room divider, that also produces ambient light, can be customized to fit any space. ‘The idea of Synapse came from the awareness of a significant change in the way people live today, – says the creator of the product, designer Francisco Gomez Paz, – Homes have become smaller and narrower, and people have decided to pull the walls down to create wider spaces. So, there is a well defined need for the lighter elements that would handle this new way of living.’ The Synapse divider is based on intelligent modules that can produce light, reflect the light, produced by other modules, and also transport electricity when connected to each other. Ingenious! The piece has another hidden function, that was discovered after it was made, – it reflects natural light from your window and turns it into an ambient one. Perfect for cramped spaces with not enough sunlight…