June 28, 2013

Ikea designs a flatpack refugee shelter. Cool project.

– Mind-bending – Tableware by James Stoklund.

– Guggenheim museum has a rad new app. And it’s free.

– Dutch photographer Jan Banning made these compelling portraits of homeless people.

Iconic eyeglasses of the famous.

– What a cute idea – a pencil that can be recycled as a plant.

Love this space-saving seating – JumpSeat Wall.

– And for the senses – Sakhalin Odyssey Project.

Have a good weekend, folks!


This good looking cat tower by Qcha caught my eye. Comprised of modular boxes, it creates sleeping and entertaining units for your kitty without compromising the style of the rest of the apartment. Each module comes with a carpet for comfort and a window for all your cat’s important observations. The components are attached to each other with a few regular screws, so the installation process shouldn’t require too much elbow grease. I also like the versatility of the design. Each box can be used separately as a fee-standing item or mounted on the wall.

 (via yanko design)


June 27, 2013


Matrioshka storage is a witty nesting system, designed by Sasa Mitrovic of TwentyTree and manufactured by S.C.S. plus & Ergomade. As the name suggests, the smaller pieces fit beautifully inside the biggest one, making the set easy to store and transport. You also have freedom in the way you combine these cabinets in your space. The design subtly “makes you think about the mystery concealed behind the exterior appearance. It is an object that contains objects and, concurrently, protects our identity,”according to the designer.

 (via design-milk)


June 26, 2013


No space for another planter in your shoebox-sized palace? Despair not, reader. Here is a cool way to add greenery to your home without invading useful surfaces – a book shaped flower pot. It can be used both as a free-standing item and with books lined in order. The piece is made of PMMA and PVC for waterproofing. Open the cover page to make it stable as a stand-alone piece and to see the soil inside. The title of the book is “The Life of Plants”. Cute…


June 25, 2013


This beautiful loft, located in Wroclaw, Poland, has been created by Ewa Czerny of 3XA studio. The 29 sqm space has been transformed to accommodate sleeping, cooking, bathing and entertaining areas. By combining kitchen and living room designers improved the flow and created a rather spacious layout. Another space-saving decision was to elevate the bed above the bathroom and the hallway. The steps to this loft area double as bookshelves. Additionally, to deceive senses, a blind door has been added to one of the walls.

(via archdaily)


June 23, 2013


The Acapulco chair is an iconic piece, inspired by a Mayan hammock. It was designed in the 50s. The legend has it that a French tourist vacationing on the Caribbean coast of Mexico felt hot and uncomfortable in a solid back chair and wondered why it wasn’t styled like an open web Mayan hammock. The idea was born. The slightly pear shaped frame, colorful webbing and mid-century modernist flair make the Acapulco chair a great addition to any space. And thanks to its transparent body, the piece would not add visual clutter to the room. Innit Design, that produces the original Acapulco chair today, offers a detachable base that lets you choose a chair or rocker function, or both. The webbing is made from UV-resistant PVC, which makes it a perfect indoor/outdoor item. The frame is steel, powder coated in black or white, or a chrome finish. Available for purchase here.


June 21, 2013


– An amazing discovery – Lost Underground Egyptian City.

– Here’s something for healthy perspective – the largest galaxy in the known Universe.

– This live photoshop street prank is fantastic.

– Made me laugh – Volks-bagen.

– An incredible photo – a nun housing complex in Eastern Tibet.

– There is a part of me that really wants this car – The Marauder.

Hankie pocketbook – for suave note-taking gents out there.

– Haunting and beautiful – a photo robot that sees faces in the sky.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


I think this Tokyo skyline-inspired storage is fabulous. Venice based designer Luca Nichetto is the mind behind the project. She created this collection, called Tishi (’city’ in Japanese), for Italian furniture brand Casamania. The line is made up of several cabinets, different in size, height and shape. It allows you to create unique combinations, tailored for your specific storage needs. The cabinets are made from lacquered MDF and come in a variety of colors.


June 20, 2013


Green Light, created by Linda Bergroth for Finnish manufacturer Kekkilä, is a beautiful and powerful grow light, designed for indoor gardening purposes. It serves dual purpose too. While helping your herbs and salad greens grow, it can illuminate your kitchen counters as well. The light features a wide tray that collects extra water, keeping your surfaces clean and dry. The height of the lamp cam be adjusted to accommodate any greenery, short and tall. The piece is made of painted steel and beech. Available for purchase here.


June 19, 2013


Designer Thomas Walde of Swiss studio Postfossil created this simple and beautiful bike stand. The piece combines storage for your bicycle with bookshelves and shoe racks, which makes it an ultimate entryway hit. I also love the idea of framing the bike and putting it on a pedestal. “Like a trophy in a glass jar, the bicycle represents sporting activity, balance and health.” – designer says. I’m sure bike aficionados will approve. The piece is made from fir wood, coconut fiber and steel.