March 1, 2013


Wooden Carpet by German design studio Böwer is an interesting invention. Comprised from wooden segments, attached in various patterns to a sheet of durable textile, it can be arranged as a three-dimensional piece or placed flat on the floor. The beauty of this concept is in its versatility. You can really let your artistic flag fly and create different 3-D forms that can work as seating, lounging or sculptural objects. And if you are not blessed with a beautiful parquet floor in your apartment – this carpet can give you that missing wooden fix. Lovely. The carpet comes in four patterns and fabric choices.


February 17, 2012

This project reminds me of the Underfull Tablecloth I featured some time ago. Here too the pattern is activated by elements, which is always fun. This unusual flooring, called Hide-and-seek, has been created by Paris born surface designer Solenne Morigeaud. The monochromatic pattern is transformed into a colorful one in the presence of sunlight. Beautiful floral ornaments are nothing other than photochromic screen-print compositions on a wooden-floor. But when the sun comes out – they come to live and reveal vivid colors. “‘Hide-and-seek with the missing’ is a flooring design aiming at bringing awareness and inform the population on the importance of the management and the preservation of nature,’ – says the designer.