June 8, 2012

What urban dweller doesn’t dream of a piece of outdoor space… We are so cramped in our tiny boxes, even a little balcony would make our lives brighter. But we all know that any step outside the dimensions of your apartment is an expensive luxury. But maybe there is a way to make that step without paying a fortune. Dutch architectural firm Hofman Dujardin has designed the Bloomframe, an innovative window that transforms into a balcony with the click of a button. What an exciting idea! This dynamic balcony is flexible and can be installed in the variety of buildings.

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July 8, 2011

This versatile piece of furniture, called Tokotoko, can perform several roles in your home. It can serve as a side (or bedside) table, as a stool, or it can even be stacked to create a modular shelving unit. Made from natural walnut, the item comes in two colors, which can be alternated for a visual impact. Tokotoko is made in Japan and can be purchased here.

May 12, 2011

Small Kitchen is an innovative space-saving solution from German designers Kristin Laass and Norman Ebelt. It is intended to combine all kitchen essentials – stove, cooktop, refrigerator, sink, prep surface, storage, dinning table – into a 1m² structure. All this was possible thanks the clever layered design – different parts of the Small Kitchen are rolled out to reveal the rest. Efficient and very impressive! It is hard to believe that the piece was one of the student projects presented at the DMY International Design Festival’10 in Berlin.

May 2, 2011

This 22 m2 Barcelona apartment used to be a service room, where the water tanks were stored. But that was before Christian Schallert, its present owner, and architect Barbara Appolloni took on the project. Now it is a fully functional pad, smart, versatile and very stylish. Complete with the little terrace – the space can be transformed into several rooms – bedroom, kitchen, dining room, office. All thanks to clever storing solutions, hidden in walls. Christian calls it ‘an active apartment’ and claims that these daily space-transforming ‘exercises’ keep him in shape. Another hidden bonus of living small…

April 29, 2011

Here is another noteworthy Kickstarter projectGypsy Modular is a customizable furniture line that folds flat and requires no screws or tools for its assembly. The product was inspired by lego, it allows you to create any item by isung the same set of building blocks. The only limit is your imagination (and space, of course). While initially envisioned as a solution for students, the furniture may fit into an adult interior as well. The kits come in a variety of colors you can mix and match. Clever stuff!

April 27, 2011

Designer Christy Oates created this amazing line of fold-out interior pieces, that are attached to the wall. In its folded state each item resembles contemporary art – a perfect disguise. In two simple motions it becomes furniture. Imaginative and very useful for those who live in tiny spaces…

April 7, 2011

This modular furniture collection by designer Sanjin Halilovic can play several roles – from a shelving unit to a table, chair, even chaise-lounge. The set consists of four elements that are constructed of wooden plaques fixed together with drvofix adhesive and finished in acrylic mat paint. Rearranging them is easy, and by doing so one can build different objects. Don’t we just love when one pice of furniture doubles, triples (and in this case – quadruples) in function?


April 6, 2011

Is it a couch, lounger, or sectional? The Fossa sofa from COR is all of the above. Created by French designer Aurélien Barbry, this unusual piece of furniture functions according to the principle of change. Not only Fossa can be used as a building block for creating different configurations, the very structure of it is also adjustable. The cushions are placed in recesses. They are inserted, moved or removed, which makes Fossa even more dynamic. These recesses, when not filled with cushions, can be used to store books, magazines and other small items. And with plentiful color combinations available, the Fossa sofa can be customized to fit any design whim.


April 1, 2011


French designer Matali Crasset has done it again. His new creation, the Double Side chair, is a fine attempt to make our lives a little easier. The piece holds a double function, with one easy movement it can be transformed into a small desk, that can hold your laptop, writing paraphernalia, lunch etc. ‘At home today the structures are fixed, like a paused video with a paused picture, life is changing and it’s in movement and it reactivates the video so to speak. My projects work in the interstices of the activities, in passages between one paused picture to another in order to reattach them to one another and to renew the movement and the action in between the spaces,’ – Crasset says. The Double Side chair will be presented as a part of Danese exposition during the Salone del Mobile 2011 in Milan. 

Versatility is a must when it comes to children’s furniture, and this clever item from Country Living fits the bill beautifully. These colorful benches, called Groowy, can be transformed into shelving. Stacked on top of each other, they create a bookcase, a free-standing room divider, as high or as low as your space allows. And if your child is having a play-date, and some extra sitting is needed, you can easily take the storage unit apart and transform it back into cool and child-friendly benches.

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