July 29, 2014


This modular storage system by Fritz und Franken does everything modular storage should do – it adapts to any space size and shape, it is easy to plan and even easier to put together. The modules are held in place by side-mounted runners and skids placed along the opening edges of each cube. Clever. The boxes come in several pleasing pastel colors, so they will look right at home in any room. And made from the renewable polyrey high pressure laminate (a material that is made of 65% paper), this furniture is as eco-friendly as it is goodlooking.

(via designboom)


July 28, 2014


This adorable bluetooth speaker has been created by French designer Mathieu Lehanneur for Binauric. Light and compact, the Boom Boom speaker can be carried anywhere with ease. It wirelessly connects to any computer, mp3 player or smartphone, iOS or Android. The design is truly intuitive. The speaker communicates with you in several languages, the controls are self-explanatory – a simple touchpad allows you to manage volume, play/pause and control bluetooth connectivity. Boom Boom features the audio jack cable that also acts as a handle. The piece is available for purchase here. Watch the video after the break to see it action.



As someone who constantly tries to build a herb garden (with inconsistent results), I always welcome new modular planter ideas. This one comes from Finland based designer Niko Laukkarinen. The Hookie planter can be suspended from your ceiling, freeing windowsills and counters for other important objects. Each piece has a hook on the bottom, so you can combine several planters for a beautiful and space-saving display. The piece is currently being launched at FundedByMe.


July 25, 2014


Dogs underwater photography. Amazing.

– Spot on. This guy speaks in girl voice.

– Not technically a house (doesn’t have a bathroom), but a nice shed for thinking and writing (thank you, Heiner).

– This yoga mat tells you when you’re doing it wrong.

Sweets inspired by cinema. Beautiful.

– Incredible video of an aggregation of anchovy.

Sumo egg cups. Wishlisted!

– And to feed the senses – beautiful animation by Simon Roberts.

Have a great weekend, guys!

July 24, 2014


Finally, a charging stand that will work with any device, past present and future one, Apple or Android. Yay!.. San-Francisco based collective DODOcase, in collaboration with Stikwood, created Charing Nest, an elegant adaptable changing station. The piece features rich, smooth orchard walnut with a leather wrap made from American-tanned Logger’s Leather. It is compatible with the following devices: 30-Pin cable (from the Original iPhone and iPad through iPhone 4S); Lightning cable (iPhone 5/5S/5C, iPad mini, iPad Air, and forthcoming iPhone 6); Micro-USB cable for all Android devices. The Charging Nest is wide enough to accommodate any cover too. Sold here.



I quite like this slim and minimal desk by Nathan Yong. Inspired by mid-century design, the piece looks modern and vintage at the same time, a difficult fit to pull. The desk is compact, the work surface is big enough for a laptop and a writing area. The two sets of drawers, one under the desktop and one above, provide storage for papers, writing paraphernalia and other essentials. The upper drawers also serve as an additional surface for your lamp, books, or other whatnots that would otherwise take out desktop space. The frame and the drawer fronts are made from solid American walnut, the rest – from veneer and MDF. Available for purchase here.


July 22, 2014


I’m positively in love with this small apartment in Wiesbaden, Germany, designed by Studio Oink. The owners, a young couple, are major Scandinavian design fans, so shades of white and blond wood play a big part in the aesthetics of this project. In order to adapt to the elongated shape of the rooms, designers custom built several elements. Namely, the kitchen nook, bed podium and the vast tall closet wall in the corridor. The bed podium, aside from elevating the bed off the floor, provides ample storage, allowing the rest of the space look neat and serene. See the photos after the break for the full tour of this beautiful home.


July 21, 2014


How simple and cleve is this? Shelves that mold around objects! Shelfie by Finland based designer Nikolo Kerimov allows you to bend your storage your way. The system is comprised of a light timber frame and flexible textile shelves that you can attach horizontally, vertically or diagonally. A truly nomadic product, Shelfie can be disassembled in minutes and folded flat for easy storage and transportation.


July 18, 2014


Porigami laser-cut pop-up cards. Stunning.

– Interesting article. Rio’s Rial Life Slumdog Millionaires.

This graphic shows how Americans spend their money in real time.

– Very compelling animal ads.

What if Google was a guy you met in person? Watch.

This lamp is absolutely gorgeous.

– Hilarious. Pets interrupting yoga.

Have a lovely weekend, everybody!


Neat freaks – rejoice. This modular furniture system by Ying Chang is made with you in mind. Aptly called Grid, this concept is inspired by the two-dimensional grid used by graphic designers. Here the grid principle translates into a series of transparent mesh components of various sizes that attach to each other, creating unique customizable storage. The same piece can be used as a desk, dining area, kitchen storage and more. The designer explains: “As living spaces get smaller and merge with working spaces, the use of tables, desks and shelving are evolving, yet their basic forms remain largely unchanged.” The main storage components are supplemented by various add-ons – shelves, pockets, boards, even coasters and place mats. Another great customizable idea. Check out the video and more photos after the break.