December 27, 2015

If you are a frequent reader of this blog, you probably know about my obsession with trash. I believe that the search for the ultimate waste system never ends in one’s life. That being said, I just encountered a solid contender for the title – Totem by Joseph Joseph. This tall trashcan is comprised of two compartments, which in turn can be divided further to fit all of your recycling needs in one sleek object. Space-saving OCD heaven! Available for purchase here.

HT swissmiss


December 1, 2015


I am sorry to be late in noticing this project, for it has JUST been successfully Kickstarted (three days ago, massive self-slap). You know how your mental image of a perfect closet is always tramped by the harsh reality of not enough space, busy morning routines, lack of time and patience? I do. And that is why I am so delighted to see a system that can bridge this gap (and eliminate lots of stress in the process). ThreadStax is a magnetic system that folds, stacks and dispenses your clothes neatly and without any effort. At the heart of the system are slides that separate your clothes, featuring magnets to keep everything in order when you are searching through your wardrobe. And to make the procedure even more streamlined, there is a handy folder that makes the job done in seconds. Yay. If you missed the Kickstarter, ThreadStax is available for pre-order.


November 19, 2015


Corridor bicycle is a clever concept by Dutch design student David Roman Lieshout. He created a bike that is compact, easy to carry and store. “As cities are growing in popularity, housing is becoming increasingly compact and journeys more local,” – designer says. Corridor bike has a special semi-foldable frame, which allows you to press it flat against the wall and salvage those precious square inches. The project is in its developments stage at the moment, but you can subscribe for updates on designer’s website.


February 8, 2013


Here is something every apartment dweller can use – Slimline. A simple foldable drying rack that makes the most of small spaces.  Its compact design hangs discreetly over any door, remaining trim and out of the way until you need it. When deployed, its aluminum rack provides plenty of room for your hand washed items. And when you’re done drying your clothes – simply store the piece away until the next laundry day.


February 6, 2013


Foodies – rejoice  Now there is a way to use your iPad in the kitchen with no fear of knocking it down or splashing it with hot oil. The Prep Step iPad stand and splash guard answers both concerns, and does it with elegance. The piece features a low-profile doc that can hold your device flat or at an angle in landscape or portrait mode. A static-cling splash guard protects the screen. And a neat storage compartment in the rear is another nice touch. The product comes soon to the Quirky shop.


January 9, 2013


Everyone who occupies a small urban kitchen knows how difficult it can be to fit a full-size dish rack in it. It takes way too much counter space while offering only one function. How wasteful. Well, this dish rack by Australian born and New York based designer Sally Rumble is different. It folds flat when not in use. Simply slide out one side to make it three-dimensional again. And when you’re done – the rack can be stored away easily or used as a tray.


September 24, 2012

These modular partitions from German brand Koziol are a new obsession of mine. Semi-transparent and light, they create beautiful and subtle dividers in a room of any size. The installation of the product is simple – connect the panels using the steel hooks provided, then place them wherever you want in your space. They work equally well as screens, decorative wall hangings, or light diffusers in front of windows. The panels obstruct view, yet allow light to shine through – a great quality for small or poorly lit studios. Being modular, the panels are interchangeable, so you can let your artistic flag fly and combine multiple colors and patterns. Available for purchase here.


May 29, 2012

Blindry is a brilliant window blind that turns into a fold-down laundry rack for drying clothes indoors. Perfect for small apartments, where floor space is often too limited to accomodate drying racks, the item brings multi-functionality to the new level. No wonder its designers, Kim Bobin and Ko Kyungeun, were awarded the prestigious Red Dot award for the concept. It is also an eco-friendly idea to use air and sunlight for drying clothes instead of energy-draining machines. “Sunlight can be used to dry one’s laundry and floor space in left unhindered.” – designers say.


May 14, 2012

This has happened again – I’ve fallen in love with an item. This time it’s the Corner Ladder by Company & Company Design Studio. The genius behind this thing is in its simple and precise folding, allowing the ladder to collapse into a thin pole. Space-saving points fly here. “A ladder is a domestic standard tool that is rarely used,” – designers elaborate, – “The idea was to be able to fit it in any corner, so as to simplify and increase its use and basic operation.” Beautiful thinking, masterful execution, a must for any small home.


April 30, 2012

Recycled and recyclable, this cool paper basket has been created by Emanuele Pizzolorusso. This idea has been done by others (and noticed by garbage nerds like me), but the cupcake holder resemblance here takes the prize. 50 pleated bags, all stacked into each other, make for an effortless trash removal. Once the top bag is filled, throw it away with the contents and move to the next one, repeat. Beautiful, easy and eco-friendly.