March 13, 2013


Thse fun hooks are a creation of London based studio Thabto (which wittily stands for Two Heads Are Better Than One). They are merged with pegs for added storage, what an excellent idea. Even if you are not affected by the peg fetish (I so am…) – you’ll see many uses for these hooks. Put them in your entryway area and hang your coats while simultaneously storing your mail, or attach them to your fridge or any metal surface (each Jpaeg is fitted with magnets). Perfect for a tea towel and all those take-out menus. Available for purchase here.


March 7, 2013


Hookoo storage solution is a recent creation of the China based design studio Milk. Versatile and aesthetically stunning, it can be used in different applications – in the kitchen, bathroom, home office, living room, you name it. The system of hooks houses semi-opaque containers, that vary in size and shape and accommodate different storage needs. And with many choices available, you can build your storage wall to be as large or small as you like. Beautiful idea and execution!

(via the mag)



I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of cabby hooks. They elevate our stuff off the surface, they are gentle to our textiles and they look fun. On this occasion they also come in different sizes and shapes. Angolo hooks by French designer Sébastien Cordoleani for Parisian brand Moustache made me look. These wall-mounted colorful packets allow you to store keys, change, devices and other small items, while large things like coats, jackets and scarves can be hung over the tops. Simple and useful, great for small entryways. Angolo hooks are made from powder coated metal and come in verious colors and shapes.

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February 21, 2013


Loopits are handy storage straps that allow you to secure almost any object to any surface, instantly turning it into a storage solution. Perfect for small items, these handy little things can be used virtually in any room of the house to reduce clutter. Their combination of wall-mountable disks and stretchy elastic bands allow for ultimate customization, enabling you to craft a setup to suit your exact needs. They are easy to install and remove.


January 22, 2013


There is a lot to love about this wine rack, created by New York based designer Edward Kilduff of Pollen Design. Aptly called Houdini, the piece disappears into a thin wire mesh when folded. And thanks to its modular construction the rack can easily expand to accomodate 12, 24, or 48 bottles of wine. The assembly is a snap, quite literally. I like how minimal and unobtrusive this product is. You can easily add it to your existing storage, put it in your pantry (if you’re lucky to have one) or even your fridge. One unit unfolds to reveal a four-bottle wine rack. The piece is made of high-tensile strength coated wire. Available for purchase here.


January 9, 2013


Here is another exciting iPhone related Kickstaster project – Just Mount. A cool magnet block for your phone, keys and any other small metal objects looks sleek and provides effortless storage. The item is meant to be combined with the TidyTilt+ iPhone case to safely secure the phone in place. Here is how designers describe their creation: “JustMount attaches to most flat surfaces, letting you mount your TidyTilt-equipped iPhone where you couldn’t before. Each JustMount includes hidden wall-mounting hardware: we include both an adhesive pad and screws, so you can choose your preferred attachment method. Stick it to your bathroom mirror to watch the news while brushing your teeth. Put it at the front door to park your keys. Place it near your desk to organize office items and FaceTime at eye-level.” Great! Really hope to see this product Kickstarted.


January 4, 2013


LEGO nerds – rejoice. This cool key hanger by Felix Grauer can lighten your day and entryway area. The proposed idea is easy and fun to DIY, which makes it a thing of beauty indeed. All you need is a number of basic LEGO bricks and some split rings. I also love the fact that you can stack or separate your keys depending on your plans and situation. Brilliant!

(via design-milk)


November 28, 2012

If you have a peg obsession (I must confess – I do) – you will enjoy this project by Paris based studio Swabdesign. These oversized peg-shaped hooks, called Pince Alops, are a celebration of the good old hanging device. Colorful and fun, they can be used in any room of the house. And even outdoors (the product is water resistant). I can see them holding clothes, towels, toys, utensils, picture frames, papers and much more. A simple idea, beautifully applied.


November 1, 2012

In a small space we love to store things vertically (sometimes we don’t really have any other choice). This product allows doing so with maximum ease. Magic Wall panels, made from durable magnetic material, will hold any items in place, while taking virtually no space in the room. Perfect for a kitchen, Magic Wall allows you to store things quickly and have everything at a glance. No more going through the drawers in a desperate attempt to find something. Beautiful. And with the magnets strong enough to hold pans and skillets, you don’t have to worry about losing an item. Throw it against the wall and it will most likely stick (not recommended).


October 11, 2012

This minimal and clever coat rack reminded me of Veronika Wildgruber’s Wardrope. The idea is very similar, so are the space-saving qualities, making both of these items ideal for small space dwellings. The Roberope coat rack can be suspended from the ceiling and, thanks to its soft but sturdy hooks, can hold clothing, bags, accessories or just about anything suitable for hanging. Thanks to its neutral design and extremely modest space demands the rack can serve as flexible storage in any room of the house. Comes in a variety of bold colors.

(via stilsucht)