February 26, 2015


A beautiful flat packed planter, made in NYC from reclaimed sails? Yes to that idea! Designers Miriam Josi and Stella Lee Prowse, together Garden Apartment studio, created Nomad, an eco-friendly planter with us, urban gardeners, in mind. The piece is adaptable to a variety of environments. It can hang from a rope, sit on the coffee table, or be transported to the window for more sunlight. You can even choose to only plant one side and hang it on the wall to create a vertical garden. The open ended design leaves the placement up to the user. Available for purchase here.


February 20, 2015


– A four-year-old tries Siri. Hilarious (and kind of similar to my Russian accent experience).

– NASA gives us an amazing look at the ‘dark’ side of the moon.

– Instantly want! Waytools textblade keyboard.

– Possibly the cutest squirrel photoshoot ever made.

The best and the worst things about turning 30. Visualized.

– I give this Bauhaus-inspired mobile two thumbs up!

– A mind-blowing pole vaulting video.

Have a fantastic weekend, all!

February 18, 2015


Duotable is a new creation of Michael Hilgers, the man who gave the world this beautiful space-saving desk. The new table is a hybrid, made specifically for us, shoebox dwellers. It can be used as a 4-person dinner table, then transformed into a functional homeoffice by simply flipping a table half. Duotable hides a sizable storage compartment inside, ideal for your papers, writing materials, books and gizmos. I also love the cable slot, running on the back. This design has already landed the prestigious Interior Innovation Award 2015. I am not surprised.


February 12, 2015


This minimalist 45 square meter apartment in Rome used to be the building’s water deposit area. The architect Camila Ormond converted it into a studio with a terrace. The focal and functional center of the apartment is the bookshelf. It hides a dining table on one side and a desk on another side, provides privacy to the bedroom area and gives perspective and depth to the space. To create an illusion of airiness, Ormond used a unified color throughout the interior. The kitchen hides behind what appears to be a closet door, another visually streamlining trick. See more views and a floorplan after the break.

Photos by Alessandro Dandini


February 10, 2015


This idea reminds me of Lumio, the book light I featured some time ago. Here too, we have a book shape, transformed into an interior object. Bookniture can be used as a coffee table, nightstand, stool, footrest, and more. Folded, it fits neatly on a bookshelf, taking virtually no space at all. A great concept! And a thoughtful gift too. Currently kickstarting.



Here is a cool way to lift your greenery off the counters and windowsills – Well Light. Designed by Toronto based studio Object Interface, this light fixture doubles as a planter. The shape of the lampshade is ideal for the plants to receive enough sunlight, while the body of the lamp is made of cast aluminum with an acid etched glass diffuser. The Well Light pendant lamp comes in black, white, or a combination of the two.


February 9, 2015


This witty and fun shelving set has been designed by Italian studio Officina41. Inspired by the Do Not Disturb sign, these little shelves offer just a perfect space and function ratio for an entryway area. The set includes a hanger with valet tray, hanger with mirror and a hanger with a letter and key holder. You can combine them or use them individually, depending on your space limitations. The shelves are made from powder brushed metal and come in five colors: white, canary yellow, ferrari red, aqua green and ocean blue.


February 6, 2015


– Amazing visual. Evolution of the moon in 30 seconds.

– Simple and great advice on getting out of a bad place. (via swissmiss)

– I keep coming back to this minimalist clock. Wishlisted.

Social media culture shown through graffiti.

The smartest bed ever made – Luna.

57 things you can do to be a better cook. Some were new to me.

– This guy has a mind-blowing archery technique.

Have a fantastic weekend, everybody!


Here is another notable product launching campaign – Portable Lap Desk Installation No.1 by Yois Design. In spite of its unusually long name, the product itself is very compact and small space friendly. The desk doesn’t have legs. Instead it sits on a set of wall mounted brackets. As a user, you have the freedom to install the brackets at any height you prefer, to use it whether sitting or standing. Neat. You can also move around with the desk, use the groove in its surface for your phone or tablet, and, when done, store the desk flat against the wall. Available for purchase through the currently running Kickstarter campaign.


February 5, 2015


What shoebox dweller doesn’t dream of a personal washing machine. This is one of the luxuries that we often deprived of. But this portable piece seems to be just the thing. The Dolfi washing machine is smaller than a cell phone, it is quiet, gentle to delicate clothing, and it can be a perfect solution for travel and tiny apartments. The trick is in the ultrasonic technology that pushes dirt out of the fabric. Just fill the sink or a basin, add some laundry detergent, drop Dolfi in the mix, and walk away. Brilliant. This Indiegogo project is already funded, but you can still pledge to get your Dolfi.