March 29, 2013


– If you get as amused by steampunk kitch as I do, you will enjoy this – 16 steampunk interiors.

– Absolutely stunning wooden bike.

– Probably the cutest office accessory I’ve seen.

House-shaped jewelry – yes!

– Love this Mondrian inspired comic book.

– Definitely worth spending 2 min and reading – Meeting Henry Miller’s Widow by Pablo Coelho.

– And something for visual pleasure – New York Day stop-motion video.

Have a nice weekend, ladies and gents!


The Kitchen Farming collection by Swedish brand Cult Design has been recently unveiled at the International Housewares Show in Chicago. The line of terracotta and ceramic pots was created specifically for growing eatable produce indoors. The pot designs include self-watering Evergreen herb pot and Grow Green – a box to grow shoots and sprouts in (perfect for healthy salads). The pieces vary in size, so you can build your kitchen counter garden as small or big as you like or as your space allows.

(via 3rings)



Swedish design studio Karl Andersson & Söner created this casual and stylish storage ladder, called Plisado. The piece consists of a wooden frame and canvas slings that can hold anything from papers and magazines to items of clothing, toys, accessories and more. Plisado is one of those ingenious storage solutions that provide extra space while taking none of it by themselves. The fabric comes in red or charcoal; and the frames, made of solid ash, can be finished in clear lacquer or brushed in gray.

(via gessato)



Catissa is a four storey cat house designed by Russian design studio mojorno. The piece combines all the features cats and humans desire: it is attached to the wall, freeing the floor space, provides height and safety, allowing the cats to do their important thinking in peace, and the fun geometry and multiple color options make it a notable object in the room. Catissa is ideal for high and otherwise unusable corners. Small ladder is mounted between the cat house and human furniture to give cats easy access to their quarters. Catissa is made of solid wood and features cushions that can be easily removed and washed.

(via designboom)


March 28, 2013


I’m very impressed with this clever invention – Space Bar desk organizer. This elegantly-designed accessory minimizes clutter while providing additional USB ports for your gizmos. Who wouldn’t want that! And after the work is done – simply slide the keyboard into the designated space below the shelf and store your office miscellany — keys, phones, camera, chachkies, etc. — up top. The piece is made from brushed aluminum with white plastic accents. Available for purchase here.


March 27, 2013


Super-Light is a witty fixture, created by German designers Yvonne Fehling and Jennie Peiz. The idea of it is extremely simple: a bare light bulb and an extra long electrical cord wrapped around it. The result is a very cool, low key pendant lamp that can fit in any room of any style. You can be as creative with the piece as you like, cover the bulb with the cord or leave it open, adjust the length of the pendant… the choice is yours. Super-Light is handmade in Caritas Workshop for disabled adults. Sold here.



If you are a neat freak, the smallest things can terrorize you. Crumbs, for example. How annoying and persistent they are!.. If this sounds familiar (and I envy you if it doesn’t)  – this product will be a hit in your kitchen. The Scrap Trap is a tiny trash can that is attached to your counter. It comes with a handy sweeping brush and features handles on both sides. One of these handles can be attached to the top cabinet or a drawer. Close that compartment – and the receptacle will be positioned right underneath your counter. Now sweep/brush/whisk/wipe your mess directly into the container – and you can breathe again…


March 26, 2013

Japanese people know a thing or two about living small. It comes as no surprise that the nation overpopulating a tiny island is known for inventive approach to real estate. In this ABC report we can peruse an interesting overview of Japan’s small but very cool and beautiful dwellings and understand the logic behind their design. I was also pleased to see an interview with Azby Brown, whose books I love. Enjoy!

(thank you, Sinisa)

March 25, 2013


Knock Knock is a simple and versatile shelving system by German design company Hoj Studio. The unit is modular and consists of the tree basic components that are attached to each other via braces. From these parts you can create a bookshelf, a kitchen cabinet, a desk with flexible storage, an entryway piece, and more. The combinations are endless. The Knock Knock shelving is made of solid oak and purposely left semi-finished, so you can personalize it further (or not). Check out the video after the break to see the assembly of the piece in action.

(via leibal)


March 22, 2013

– If you are a typography lover – feast your eyes. Beautiful animation by Cauboyz.

– Cool idea – an iPad case with transparent storage.

– Yay! Swissmiss’ beautiful and minimalist to-do app, TeuxDeux, relaunched with many sexy new features.

– This neat website shows real-time cyber attacks map.

– Camera Setup Special Effects – amazing.

The Band-aid reinvented. Finally…

– Cute. Cat origami instructions pillow.

– This made my day today. Penguins Being Penguins.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone!