January 26, 2015


Loopholes by Belgian studio Atelier Belge is a fine example of modular storage. Comprised of a steel grid and multiple storage add-ons, Loopholes can serve organizing needs practically in any area of a home. The hooks, containers, and shelves can be mixed and rearranged. There is no limit to what this system can do. You can use it in the kitchen, home office, entryway, bathroom; you can even turn it into a hanging garden wall. The grid comes in black and white powder-coated steel, the shelving components are made from natural wood, the hooks and trays are made of powder-coated steel. Available for purchase here.


January 23, 2015


– Super spectacular flight over night NYC.

– Fascinating. Daily routines of famous people.

– Really heart this clever iPhone 6/6+ case.

– This is my kind of establishment – Romeow.

Zombie choir. A hilarious way to procrastinate.

Free books! If you are a Nook person, they are.

– And something for the senses – amazing formations of birds in the sky

Have a great weekend, guys!


The words “luxury” and “tiny” rarely go together, but this house in Aurora, Oregon, amazingly combines the two notions in one clever package. The creator of a house, Chris Heininge, was inspired by his travel to the East, especially to Japan. He tried to implement the same principles of beautiful and simplified living, the Japanese are so good at. The result is an American take on an Eastern idea. The house features everything one needs for comfortable existence: fully equipped kitchen, queen size bedroom, lots of hidden storage, and even spoils like fireplace and jacuzzi tub. Oversized windows provide enough light for it to feel cozy but not claustrophobic. The asking price is 70K. See more photos after the break.


January 21, 2015


Cats love boxes, that is the universal truth. Amsterdam based company Poopy Cat embraced the idea, initially by creating their hit cardboard litter box, and now with the new line of cat playware. BLOCKS is a successfully funded Kickstarter project that goes into production in March. The principle is simple and brilliant: the BLOCKS package consists of two beams, two cubes, tunnel, bridge, slide and two types of connectors. It is light yet sturdy and can withstand any cat. The modularity of the design allows you to adjust it to your space constraints and your cat’s preferences. The boxes are made from recycled and biodegradable cardboard, easy on the wallet and the environment alike.



Shoebox kitchens require hardworking tools and aesthetic vision to be livable, and this item from Makoto Koizumi has both. This porcelain stacking set of tools includes a mortar with pestle, a ginger/garlic/zest grater, a citrus juicer, and a storage canister (that also acts as a ladle holder). It could also be used as an elegant prep tool at a dinner table. All pieces are microwave and dishwasher safe. Available for purchase here.


January 15, 2015

Here is a cool idea – a line of furniture that is assembled by way of powerful magnets instead of adhesive or metal fasteners. Dock 312, a young design firm from Chicago, introduced a series of goodlooking side tables, all featuring flat-pack principle and intuitive, tactile assembly without the use of tools. Each design is also reversible – just turn it upside down, replace the glass top and the piece instantly turns into a whole new table. Powerful magnets add sturdiness to the structure. A great concept.



This bookish planter by Yuki Yamamoto of Japanese design duo YOY is not only a thing of beauty, but a thing of utility as well. Disguised as a tome, it sits on a shelf or a table next to your actual books, bringing a touch of greenery to your room. The piece is made of PMMA and PVC for waterproofing. If you open the cover page, the planter stands on it’s own, and you can see the soil inside. The title of the book is “The Life of Plants.” Clever.


January 9, 2015


This alarm app donates to a charity of your choice when you snooze. Genius.

– Absolutely mesmerizing. A time-lapse of a major shoebox renovation in Russia.

– Liking this book: You Have Too Much Shit.

– Space nerds, feast your eyes on this 1.5 billion pixel photograph of the Andromeda galaxy.

– Probably the most hilarious cosplay I’ve seen.

– Two thumbs up to whoever designed this Whale tea infuser.

Have a nice weekend, everybody!

January 8, 2015


The Brooks series of wooden furniture by the Greycork company makes a lot of sense. The line consists of three items – a dining table/desk, coffee table and a bench. All pieces feature solid wooden tops, supported by the collapsible legs. The folding mechanism is intuitive enough to make storing and moving this furniture a breeze. I love the grey legs, in particular.


January 7, 2015

The Leaning Loop is a multi-purpose upright organizer made of solid hardwood. It is a handcrafted modular clothing hanger, bag holder, gadget shelf, mirror, magnet board, key holder, and shoe shelf all in one slender package. Born out of necessity, the piece was envisioned by Jason van der Burg of Urbanworm Design, while designer lived in a tiny room of a shared apartment. He needed something compact, functional and elegant to hold his entryway items (as, indeed, many of us do). The Leaning Loop comes in ash, cherry, walnut, rift white oak, or maple. You can choose between a magnetic blackboard or magnetic mirror and customize your hardware. And the best part for renters (and/or gals) – no drilling of the wall is required.