January 30, 2014

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The Nubo desk, created by Copenhagen-based design studio GamFratesi, has been inspired by vintage Air France luggage of the 60s. Space-saving and aesthetically pleasing, the piece is a perfect contender for a small apartment. It provides enough room for a laptop or occasional filing. In its open state, Nubo features a functional work surface equipped with a cable slit and a retaining bar for documents. When closed, it turns into a pin board.


January 29, 2014

As a gal, I’m very excited about this design. Tabeau dressing table by Belgium-based designer Nicole Brock is comprised of volumes and materials that are connected by magnets. You can combine them in various ways to fit your space and your habits. It can be sat up as a console (some women prefer standing while performing their beauty routine) or as a classic vanity table. The piece is easy to put together and take apart. It even has a little detachable suitcase that can be taken to other destinations. Wishlisted.


January 28, 2014


Roll is a versatile piece designed for children’s rooms by Danish company Utzon Kids. Playful and interactive, it transforms into many different shapes. One minute, it’s a chair, then a lounger, and next a little cave to hide in. Thanks to its ability to change shape and purpose, Roll can help children to develop their creative sides and motor skills. It can grow with its owner too. When the age of pillow castles is over, Roll can be upcycled into a lounge chair or a pouf.



Here is an idea – instead of trying to fit all our pots and pans inside the cabinets, why not create pieces beautiful enough to display. The Hook cookware collection, designed by Karim Rashid for italian brand TVC, is meant to be out in the open. As the name suggests, each piece features a hook allowing us to hang it on the wall. There are several colorful options to choose from, so the kitchen never looks boring. A lovely aesthetic approach to saving space.


January 27, 2014


I’m very impressed with this peg and rack system by Swiss designer Christoph Goechnahts. Modular and unobtrusive, it allows you to hang things around the walls all over your apartment.  The rails have notches at regular intervals, into which wedge-shaped pegs are inserted. The pegs can accommodate coats, bags, umbrellas or any other items that usually clutter your space. You can even put a bookshelf on top of those pegs, and who doesn’t need another bookshelf… The piece has already scored first place at the 2014 [D3] contest for young designers. It’s easy to see why.

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January 24, 2014

Upside down house in Moscow. I, for one, am not surprised.

– Amazing series! Russian mom captures fairytale-like photos of her kids with animals on her farm.

– A chalkboard table runner. Yes!

– This is hilarious. People tweet about their horrible first-world problems.

– Love this. PuterPen by Elonda Blount & Arfi’an Fuadi.

Street Doctor. An awesome film about an awesome human being.

– Interesting. A history of the chocolate-chip cookie.

– And something for the senses – stunning timelapse of the Chilean sky.

Have a beautiful weekend, everybody!


Now, this is delightful. All-Dock is an attractive docking system for all your handheld tech. It works with Apple, Samsung, Blackberry, LG, HTC, Motorola, Microsoft, Huawei, Nokia, Kindle, Sony Ericsson, Nexus, etc. And the best part – it is Kickstarting (and it looks like the project is a go), so you can preorder and save a few bucks. The piece comes in three sizes and three finishes. Wishlisted.

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I can’t walk past a home garden idea, especially when it’s as elegant as this one. The Quadra lamp, designed by Italian label Bulbo, is a gardening tool that can let your herbs and windowsill veggies feel happy all year long. An adjustable aluminum frame is fitted with LED lights and accommodates plants of various height. Bulbo people claim that the lamp is energy efficient and eco-friendly. I love the sleek design and subtle glow of the piece. The Quadra lamp comes in two sizes.


January 22, 2014


Constant motion is the name and the underlying principle of this loft in Kiev, Ukraine, created by architect Alex Bykov for a young creative couple. Kitchen here is made the center, the “heart of the home” (as it is very typical for Eastern European dwellings), and the rest of the apartment revolves around it. The functional space is divided into bedroom, lounge, library and entryway, connected to the bathroom/closet area. You can move from one room to another in an uninterrupted circle, since the spaces flow smoothly into each other. Thanks to the ceiling height it was possible to elevate the library. Not only this created a more secluded reading retreat. The podium itself is filled with hidden storage, something any small apartment can use. Check out the photos after the break to get the full tour of this hip and clever home.


January 21, 2014


The gimmicky name of this piece says it all – Put Baby In The Corner lamp fits perfectly in every corner and every niche. Powder coated aluminum provides the necessary lightness, the removable cover gives the lamp its color. Beautiful. The piece has been designed by German studio Scharp Inc. Produktdesign. It comes in two sizes and four colors.

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