April 4, 2016


The thoughtful asceticism of this space simply made my day. Imagine, a young couple with two small children, residing in a 675 square-foot apartment, is able maintain a minimalist lifestyle. Gives hope to many of us, doesn’t it. A dark and outdated pre-war one bedroom apartment with an awkward nook, used as a second bedroom, was transformed by the architect David Bucovy into a serene and spacious pad. All beds here, children and adult, are murphy beds. All items have a clear purpose. Most spaces are multifunctional. Toys (including laptops) are stored away when not in use. I love how the neutral and calm tone of the apartment serves as a backdrop to the carefully curated mid-century furniture pieces (a separate swoon for the Wegner dining chairs). Check out the photos after the break for the full tour.

Photography by Matthew Williams.