May 28, 2015


This clever micro loft is a prototype for a hotel room, created by Amsterdam based studio Concrete for the hotel brand Zocu, who will unveil it to their customers this fall. Zoku, which is Japanese for family, tribe, or clan, will disrupt and create a new category in the hotel industry. The place will have the services of a hotel and the social buzz of a thriving neighborhood, envisioned as a relaxed place to live, work and socialize with like-minded people while getting wired into the city. I love the flexibility of the space, and inventiveness of the hidden elements (with the retractable staircase as my absolute favorite). Check out the photos after the break for a complete tour.


May 22, 2015

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Here is another exciting launching campaign – Tableau, an automatic self-watering system that includes a tray, inverted water reservoir and three elegant planters. The principle is simple and ingenious: the water reservoir supplies moisture to the tray, and the tray delivers it to the plants through holes in the pots. No fuss, no guess work, and no electricity. Perfect for forgetful home gardeners or people who travel a lot. Currently Kickstarting.

(via swissmiss)



Bruno is probably the smartest trash can in existence. Sleek and minimalist, it is filled with amazing tech: it has built-in charging and filter, hands free sensor, it even alerts you when it is time to take out the garbage or buy garbage bags. But the beast feature of all is the integrated vacuum, allowing you to sweep the floor and automatically deposit debris directly into the trash bag. Neat! See the piece in action after the break. Available for purchase here.


May 7, 2015


Here is a new exciting Kickstarter campaign that has arrived just in time for warm weather and outdoor fun. Leano, half picnic mat, half lounging chair, all awesome. This instant portable seat is cleverly designed from waterproof fabric and wooden frame. The backrest is created via two wooden pegs, and your own bum acts as a counterweight. Brilliant and simple. The piece is lightweight enough to carry around, so, whenever you find yourself in a picturesque outdoor location, you can roll Leano out, pull the backrest up, and start lounging. Like a boss. Available for purchase through Kickstarter.


May 1, 2015


The best of Hubble photos. Mesmerizing.

– This instructional photography infographic is amazing.

Adorable oil diffuser. Cumulus.

– I’m not the biggest fan of insects, but this nature video is awesome.

How to pull out car from a frozen lake. Watch.

– Want! Hand-tattooed iPad keyboard.

– Fascinating article about a man who drank cholera and launched the yogurt craze.

– Speaking of living small. A tiny model village in Gloucestershire.

Have a great weekend, everybody!