February 8, 2016


The Uzu vacuum cleaner by Japanese studio Metaphys is a thing of aesthetic beauty. It is also functionally intuitive. To start the piece, simply pull the hose away from the body. The rechargeable battery eliminates annoying cordage, and all the elements seamlessly interlock for compactness. In fact, Uzu is so inconspicuous and easy on the eye, you don’t have to hide it in a cabinet. That’s one way to approach the storage problem. A very, very clever way.



February 1, 2016


Displaying a toothbrush is an unavoidable evil, which gets especially annoying in a minimalist space. So, why let a little utilitarian object cramp your style? Designers at Bruzzoni Global answered this question with an elegant product: possibly the handsomest toothbrush I have seen to date. Just as advanced in doing its thing as you would expect, but much more aesthetically pleasing. Comes in black and white. Available for preorder here.


January 28, 2016


I am very excited about this Kickstarter (which is already fully funded, which comes as no surprise). Prept Pack is a clever lunch system, comprised of a lunch box and an app. The box holds your meals in a series of modular leak-proof containers, and the app provides recipes measured ideally for these containers, plus it tracks your eating habits. The attractive wooden box, complete with the silicon mat and magnetic utensils, make up the last touch to the lunching experience. They seem to have thought this through. Check out the video after the break to see the product in action.


January 12, 2016

If you need help with those resolutions, here is an idea – Ruggie Alarm Clock, a clever memory foam mat that won’t stop beeping, unless you put both feet and some body weight on it. And by the time you have done that, you are out of bed and awake – mission accomplished. No more snoozing and subsequent rushing in the morning. As an extra perk, Ruggie gives you fun inspirational pep talk to send you on your way for a better, more positive day. The product is currently Kickstarting.

January 9, 2016


The central heat is on, and we need all the ammunition we can get to fight dryness and respiratory infections. And with this stunningly minimalist aroma diffuser by 11+ and Cloud and Co, you can do that in style. The piece utilizes the vibration of ultrasonic waves to distribute the mist around the room. And when the oil runs out, the diffuser automatically shuts off. Clever. Available for purchase here.

HT Minimalissimo


December 15, 2015


If you love tech as much as I do, you can probably also relate to the cordage problem. Cables and wires can easily dominate your workspace, if you don’t show them who’s boss. This clever product by Poketo allows you to do just that, without spending a fortune. Thanks to its grid structure and flexible nobs, this organizer can hold a wide variety of cables. And the adhesive back allows you to easily attach it to any surface, vertical or horizontal. Poketo organizer comes in a set of two and can be purchased here.



November 13, 2015

LEVIT8 is a noteworthy (and already fully funded) Kickstarter campaign that was launched by three Singapore-based designers. We all know about the benefits of standing up while working at the computer, and LEVIT8 offers you just that. Just unfold it atop of your actual desk (or any other working surface) and change your posture at will. Made from lightweight durable material, it is as big as a magazine, so you can easily travel and commute with it. Instant want.

November 10, 2015


This knife holder by AMOD-DOMA Studio is a thing of discreet beauty. Made from magnetic vinyl, it adds style, saves space, and showcases your prized cutlery. Easy to apply too. Love the idea!

October 2, 2015

If you cook in a tiny kitchen, you will appreciate the premise of this cookware line. Ovation by Tefal is designed to save cabinet space. The pots seamlessly nest into each other, even the lid handles fold flat. Just what a shoebox dwelling cook needs!


September 25, 2015

Here is an example of a 3D printer put to good use – GustaVino, a stylish and versatile Gaudi inspired modular wine rack made from renewable materials. In its collapsed state it barely takes any space at all, and fully expanded, it can accommodate nine bottles. You can build your wine rack vertically or horizontally, to fit your desired proportions. Beautiful idea. Currently Kickstarting.