August 28, 2014

This is just delightful. A hanger that unfolds in order to double its capacity. Shanghai born and Germany based designer Ivan Zhang created this clever little item that takes the traditional hanger function to a new level. Designer explains: “Keeping the original shape and function, Hanger’ can easily twist into two paratactic hangers by using the feature of elastic material and a clever structure design. Then we can keep two pieces of clothes hanging on the same hanger, which is a common usage in daily life. However, the difference is that Hanger’ can help people freely take off the inside clothes, rather than taking off the outside ones first.” A very neat idea that leaves no excuses for messy closets. I like that.


August 27, 2014


This minimalist and inventive shelving system is a great idea for a small space, especially if you like to change things around. Aptly called Backpack, the system is comprised from wooden shelves that are held together by straps. It requires only four mounting points and allows changing the length of the straps, providing you with a useful adjustable storage solution. Backpack is quite a looker too, and neutral enough to apply it in many different settings. The shelves are made from laminated wood, coated with white melanin. The belts come in white, light grey and anthracite grey. Available for purchase from the designers’ website.


August 25, 2014


This small apartment, located in the heart of Warsaw, has been designed by Klara Wesół of KW Studio. Thanks to a clever remodel, the old 56m2 space has become an airy pad with an open layout. Designer changed the old kitchen into a bathroom, which, in turn, was replaced by a closet. The wall separating the anteroom and the living room was teared down, broadening the passage between the living room and the bedroom. The overall whiteness of the place also contributes to the spacious feeling of the interior. Thoughtful decorative accents throughout the apartment reflect the owner’s passion for travel and complete the design.

(via chictip)


August 16, 2014

– I just came back from Paris (which explains slim posting for the past two weeks), and this vid brings back some wonderful Paris memories.

An alarm that makes you a cup of coffee? Hell’s yeah!

Want to know how yoga looks in x-ray? Watch.

– Very cute. Shortest cat in the world.

Probably the coolest bus stop I’ve every seen.

– An incredibly compelling case for sunscreen. How the sun sees you.

Enjoy your weekend, folks!

August 12, 2014

Due insiemeblu

Repotting plants is such a dread. In my case it is also the time when a plant usually dies (my love for indoor gardening is largely unrequited). And this is why this pot by Helsinki based Italian designer Emanuele Pizzolorusso is so very clever. Aptly called Fold Pot, the piece grows along with the growing plant. It is made from rubber, so it is flexible enough for adding soil without having to remove the plant. And thanks to the ability to unfold, the Fold Pot doubles its capacity. Available for purchase from designer’s website.



This product has been created in the shoebox dweller’s heaven. The Floyd Leg is a table leg with the simple clamping mechanism that can be attached to any surface material. The possibilities are truly endless. The legs are compact, easy to store and transport, and they ship flat, saving money and resources. Brilliant! The Floyd leg comes in two sizes.

(ht swissmiss)


August 1, 2014


This small and inventive Paris apartment has been created by studio Schemaa. The main strategic element of the interior is the staircase to the attic, that doubles as storage. Comprised of cupboards of various sizes, this wall of storage allows the rest of the room look airy and minimal. A large mirror reflects the windows and adds light and illusion of a bigger footprint to the room. Another great space-saving trick is a dining table that is easily disassembled and mounted on the wall. The attic houses the bedroom and a compact dressing area. Very succinct and well-thought-out design.