October 31, 2011

Primi tray table by Phase Design made me look. The piece is not only a clever example of dual function, but also a very elegant one. The table is comprised of two parts – solid steel bar base and removable tray, which comes with an inset color plate or bronze mirror top. Base available in flat and gloss black or white powder-coat finish. Color plate available in various powder coat colors. Beautiful addition to a room of any size.



October 28, 2011

This modular and visually stunning mini garden by MUTdesign, called Roots, is inspired by traditional trellises. The system is based on spiky interlocking wooden structures that are reversible and can create different configurations. With Roots you can build a kitchen garden, vertical garden of any size, even a green room divider. Various sizes of ceramic flowerpots are available to accomodate different plants. The Roots garden is a concept design I cannot wait to see produced.

October 27, 2011

Here is another example of a smart expandable table. This unusual item, called TAble, by Elda Bellone Studio hides two tables in the shape of a single one. This design is great if your space only calls for a small dining piece, but you would like to be able to sit more people in a party situation. Whenever an entertaining occasion comes – voila, the table comes apart doubling its capacity. Beautiful idea.

(HT Six Different Ways)

October 26, 2011

New York based architect Jen Turner created this small but oh so mighty item, aptly called The NewYorker. The piece is a witty workplace/bar combination, that embraces our gotham city sensitivities (and stereotypes) fully. This seemingly minimal box has one side that opens to reveal a desk complete with compartments for work-related storage. Spin the piece around and the other side reveals a bar equipped with a shelf for bottles, a drawer for accoutrements and a pull-out bar surface. Just about everything a true NYer needs to get through 24 hours…

October 25, 2011

Real Good Chair is a cool and colorful design by Blu Dot. And as you probably guessed from the perforated lines, it is also a flatpack item. Affordable and efficient, the chair comes to you in a little box with a simple assembly instruction. You can just as easily disassemble the piece, if it needs moving or storing. The Real Good Chair is made from powder-coated steel and available in ivory, aqua, and two glossy tone-on tone colors: satin black or glossy red. Nice work! You might also enjoy their silly assembly video.

October 24, 2011

This multifunctional table by Marco Olgiati, called π, is an example of an exciting dining/workspace hybrid. The tabletop is comprised of three parts with the textile storage compartment in the middle. Thus, after finishing work, you can slide your work-related items into the storage area, close the sides and enjoy your meal. The size of an item allows to create working areas for two people, which earns this design even more space-saving points.


October 21, 2011

Boxinbox is a storage cabinet by Keiji Ashizawa. The beauty of this design is in the shape of the boxes that fit into each other (hence the name). The metal frame is also easy to disassemble for compact storage. The whole construction, even though it looks rather etherial and fragile, is actually sturdy enough for the boxes to slide, letting you a fast glance over the contents. And when you are done storing stuff (if only!), you can store the piece itself after turning it flat. Thus, Boxinbox creates extra space while taking almost none for itself. I really like that!


October 20, 2011

I am incredibly honored to be featured in Die Zeit, one of Germany’s most popular publications. Having been a design journalist for years, I have never found myself on this side of the table before. It is a great joy to be recognized by peers. A big thank you to the writer, Philipp Wurm, and all involved.

Here is the link to the article: Die wunderbare Welt der Natalia.

Italian design studio HeyTeam created this highly customizable dining table, called Vito. The word ‘table’ is an overestimation, however, because the project consists of two pairs of legs connected with two metal clams. The tabletop is supposed to be provided by the user. This lax approach is perfect for creating temporary dining solutions. If you have a piece of wood or a thick glass (or an old door), you can instantly create enough seating for a gang of guests. And when the festivity is over, the whole construction gets easily disassembled and conveniently stored in parts. The clams can accomodate two widths – 60 or 85cm, and hold tops up to 5cm thick.

October 19, 2011

Vista by Albed is a clever wall system allowing you to build partitions of various size, transparency and configuration. This unusual arrangement is based on floor and ceiling railing structures, that hold mobile dividing components in place. And as far as these dividers are concerned – you have a vast variety to choose from. Glass partitions, shelves, mirrors, closet units, media cabinets, kitchen appliances holders, – the list is endless… My favorite part is the ability to build completely autonomous spaces within a room that are already enhanced with customizable storage. Smart stuff!