March 28, 2014


– Apparently, there is no such thing as “left-brained” or “right-brained”.

– This is every bad corporate ad ever produced.

Clothespin lamp. Yes!

– Hauntingly beautiful photographs of abandoned places.

– Adorable. A pelican learns to fly.

– And something for perspective. The Universe in a photo and a video (the yellow dots are galaxies).

Have a great weekend, everyone!

March 27, 2014

Clinq hanger by German-Latvian studio Flow Design is a very neat idea. The pieces snap to any metal bar or surface without any messy hooks. And because magnets naturally repel each other, there are always even gaps between the garments in your closet. Attractive to look at, easy to navigate… Cliq is handmade in the EU, using local resources, and comes in black, white and natural birch. Available for purchase from the studio website.

(via minimalissimo)



Bicycle Taxidermy is an eccentric project by UK based designer Regan Appleton. The idea first came as an attempt to immortalize his father’s old bikes that could no longer serve their purpose. “A somewhat sentimental take on a mass produced object becoming defunct, the handlebars are given the care and craft of a preserved family pet, – designer explains. – The bikes have now been re-appropriated as a family heirloom.” You have a choice of buying just a plaque (with your own epitaph text, engraved on a stainless steel plate) and mount parts of your departed bike on it. Or you can buy a plaque with the newly sources handlebars already attached. Very cool. The pieces can also be used to hang coats, bags, umbrellas and other items.


March 25, 2014


If you are a packrat, you have two choices – fight the habit or make a ritual out of it. The second choice is what this piece of furniture can help you to do. Balka console by French designer Gregoire de Lafforest is a clever and attractive receptacle for all those forgotten items you might need sometime in the future. The top features a shoot through which you simply slide your things out of the way. And an oversized soft pouch is there to help you find them quickly and easily. The piece can also hold keys, loose change, glasses or any other small objects you don’t want lying around the apartment.

Photography by Colombe Clier


RAW Design blog Carolina lives here (21)

This small home belongs to a Brazilian graphic designer, living in Helsinki. I have stumbled upon her Instagram account and immediately knew I was hooked. I love how airy the place looks, thanks to the strategic color scheme, thoughtful details and smart space-saving techniques. See more images after the break.

(via raw design blog)


March 21, 2014

De Rotterdam is a mixed-use vertical city in a former harbor district in Rotterdam, Netherlands, built by the famed architect studio OMA. One of the cool things these towers offer is a series of small urban apartments that measure under 650 square feet. I was delighted to see how these spaces were organized. In the video above you’ll see a tour of the apartment and demonstration of various space-saving tricks. Enjoy!

March 19, 2014


This small studio apartment in Sydney has been designed by Nicholas Gurney. The ascetic approach has made this 27 square-meter space is look spacious. The uniformed whiteness of the room is interrupted by the yellow bookcase, which is covered at night by a sliding panel, in turn revealing the built-in red sleeping area. The third functional zone, kitchen, is black. Thus, color only marks the utilitarian areas, leaving the rest of the apartment bare and untouched. Clever and beautiful. “The micro apartment offers a proposal for future high-density urban living for one person families; the fastest growing demographic,” – designer states.

Photography by Katherine Lu



Taula is a perforated multifunctional table, created by Spanish studio Adretcient. The bottom layer of the tabletop has holes for planters. And the top layer consists of removable panels, so you can control the planter-work surface ratio. You can also add various elements to the tabletop in order to adapt it to different situations. Taula is made of birch and can serve as a desk or a dining table.

Photography by Guifré de Peray


March 18, 2014


Walhub is a clever little invention that takes virtually no space at all, while saving plenty. It extends your light switch (or outlet) and provides a mail organizer with hooks right where you need them, without having to drill holes in your wall. Walhub replaces your underutilized switch plate and adds practical function to a logical location. Brilliant. Available for both toggle and rocker switch types.


March 15, 2014

Reading, redefined. An interesting idea for reading software, especially for small devices.

– This sure creates perspective. A monster galaxy vs. the Milky Way galaxy.

– A mind-blowing video – a wounded dolphin approaches a human for help.

Writers and their writing caves. Fascinating.

– I really heart this house-shaped candle holder.

– This CGI Audrey Hepburn is amazing.

– Fun info – Fiat’s rooftop test track.

Electro-swing robot, defending futuristic-retro Paris from aliens. Hells, yeah!

Have a great weekend, everybody!