November 23, 2010

This neat idea from Cerekapery innovation lab combines a table and a chair in one stylish item. With an easy movement you can make it either one. The sweetch18 switches (alliteration intended) to give you additional sitting or table space. And because both versions of the piece are equally cool and functional, there are no sacrifices. Just convenience and visual joy. No wonder this table/chair has won a designer award in Paris already.

November 12, 2010

Living in small spaces takes discipline. Discipline means fewer things. Fewer things need to be smarter things. Designers Leonardo Fortino and Andrea Bartolucci, founders of the Spigoli Vivi project, created something that fits the bill. Helios is a chair by day – simple, functional and understated. But by night it becomes a table with a built-in light. A hidden power-cord slot allows switching the light on and off. Thus, Helios can be employed as a night stand for a visiting guest, a side table, a night light with storage… And this is what minimalism is all about – limited form, limitless function.

November 11, 2010

This unusual piece belongs to Shay Alkalay, the London-based designer and one half of design firm Raw-Edges. When I say ‘belongs’ I mean just that – Alkalay created this item for his own apartment. This truly unique Book Case has no drawers, shelves, or doors. The books are suspended among flat plywood stems, which in turn serve as bookmarks. The surface created by the spines of the books can be used as a tabletop.

Some bibliophiles might condemn this concept, seeing it as disrespectful and damaging for the books. Others will like the simplicity. Besides, who doesn’t love to flaunt their reading choices…

Source: Sight Unseen

November 10, 2010

Here is a simple and green idea from designer Patrice Mouillé – a ceramic stand that serves as a plant pot and a compost station. Vertuo, a worm composter, consists of five sections. The compost goes through traps between them, producing liquid fertilizer for your home greenery.

Fill it initially with the composting mix – carton, sand, eggshells, soil, water and earthworms. Each time you produce more organic waste – add it to the top compartment to continue the composting process.

Vertuo can be safely put on a balcony – the ceramic will maintain the perfect level of humidity. This little composting machine can feed all your home plants. And your aesthetic senses too.

November 9, 2010

We’ve all done this. With more or less damage to our spines and surroundings. Finally there is an idea that celebrates human urge to climb shelves and bookcases.

Designer Danny Kuo created this modern take on an old library classic. Lower boxes slide out and serve as steps, allowing you to reach upper shelves and cabinets.

With all elements combined in one unit, there is no need for a ladder. This helps to save even more space.

IKEA! How can we avoid thee… Its ubiquitous nature is beyond any comparison. Nearly any person owns an IKEA item. But in spite of the obvious appeals of the brand (cheap, folds flat), it does not add any uniqueness to our home. The Mykea company aims to change that and offers ways to personalize our IKEA.

A design print will arrive in a transport-tube along with an application guide to become your another weekend project. Just like the furniture itself…

November 8, 2010

This is a demonstration of the amazing space-saving line introduced by Resource Furniture.

Every shoebox dweller knows how annoying and often unavoidable it is to give up style due to space limitations. This furniture calls for no such thing. Beautiful, clean-lined, designy pieces that double as sleeping and storage systems…

The company’s showroom is located in New York. Does that surprise you?