December 19, 2010

Collecting things is one of the inherent human conditions, that’s why storage disguise has always been a form of martial art for designers. Here is an impressive effort from a Netherlander Sophie Mensen, who decided to build storage into a column. At first glance it may look as a decorative feature or an element of structural support. But in fact the upper part of the column is a wooden cabinet suspended from the ceiling, while the lower part is a marble stand that can serve as a step stool or an additional sitting. ‘I have chosen to work with a shape that gets absorbed by the space; the column, a constructive element of the house. A column is also a monument to impress, to remember important events that may not be forgotten. The column as a monument and the column as a constructive element are like the equivalent of my Column, but in the size and scale that fits to our interior,’ – says Sophie Mensen. Each piece is custom built to fit a specific space and disguise storage perfectly in plain site.

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