January 12, 2011

No matter how much we strive to humanize our home, there is one thing that often poses a problem – a universally dreaded file cabinet. And in spite of abundance of consumer products, the pickings of new ideas are slim. For the most part when it comes to file storage, we are reduced to three choices: heavy and bulky, ugly and office-like or seemingly practical and plastic. Jill Allyn Peterson, a young New York designer, created something different. This piece is called Flat File and represents an elegant alternative to a traditional file cabinet. Light-weight hanging files made from birch plywood and organic upholstery fabric are shipped flat and assembled without glue or screws. Easy on the eye, laser-cut, low-impact and biodegradable, Flat File is as modern and efficient as a file cabinet can be. Before the digital age eliminated the very idea…

Olga on 01/13/11

Looks weird, to be honest :(

DesignLover55 on 01/13/11

I think it’s very clever. I like the airiness. The fabric folders are a nice touch.

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