April 5, 2011

Speaking about living in a shoebox! Felice Cohen lives in a studio apartment that measures 12 feet by 7 feet. When faced with the old urban dilemma – space vs. location – she clearly chose location. This beautiful Upper West Side neighborhood is enviable for many. By settling for a tiny 90 sq ft studio, Felice managed to afford it on a budget of $700 (whereas the usual monthly rent for a studio here comes up to $3,600). Check out the video below to see the tricks she used to make the place not only livable but even charming and cozy.

Alesandra on 04/16/11

It was very refreshing to read and see the video clipping on Simple Life in Manhattan – many of the comments, from Yahoo to this one, were down right mean in character and sarcasm – many of them may be out of jealousy, don’t you think? look at what she has that they don’t – peace of mind, setting of priorities, contentment and most of all, the guts to follow her dreams without hurting others or at others’ expense – after all they don’t pay her bills, do they? and thumbs up to the landlord who made it possible ; )
hey folks, you may have a big house, but looks like you got an empty heart.
I guess you could say “eat your heart out…but then again…you already done that, and it is vacant, folks!!!

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