April 19, 2011

Cords and plugs are the worst kind of clutter, if you ask me. They create unsightly piles under your desk, gather dust and become a Bermuda Triangle of unmanageable maze. Luckily Scott Wilson of MNML created something intelligent to deal with the whole cord situation. The Power Pod, produced by Coalesse, is an extension cord with six sockets, cleverly disguised as an innocent office accessory. Just open the base when you need to plug something in, and close it when you don’t. Thanks to its round shape the Power Pod can accomodate even the bulkiest adaptor, which is another reason to love it.

Paul Burger on 04/19/11

Awesome! This totally plays into my obsessive need for a clean desk!

repka on 04/19/11

That’s a nice obsession to have, Paul!

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