April 20, 2011

We all have something to conceal, have we not? Valuables, personal correspondence, bad habits, embarrassing sentimentals… The Secret Stash project by Yi-Ting Cheng will show us how to conceal in style. Hiding our things in plain sight by utilizing stereotypes and visual camouflage – is the general idea behind these pieces. Here is what designer has to say about this beautiful minimalist collection: “We make judgments based mainly on our experiences and what we see. This dependency on visual information can create large blind spots. Thus, usual stereotypes of how we perceive solid, transparency and lighting are employed in this project to play with notions of ‘solid and void’, and ‘true and false’.”

HT Mocoloco 
Olga on 04/23/11

That is incredible! So elegand and effortless… and useful!

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