May 2, 2011

This 22 m2 Barcelona apartment used to be a service room, where the water tanks were stored. But that was before Christian Schallert, its present owner, and architect Barbara Appolloni took on the project. Now it is a fully functional pad, smart, versatile and very stylish. Complete with the little terrace – the space can be transformed into several rooms – bedroom, kitchen, dining room, office. All thanks to clever storing solutions, hidden in walls. Christian calls it ‘an active apartment’ and claims that these daily space-transforming ‘exercises’ keep him in shape. Another hidden bonus of living small…

Alexander on 05/03/11

I love that apartment! Well done!

repka on 05/04/11

Isn’t it just! Thanks for the thumbs up.

Corinne Munger on 05/09/11

Absolutely innovative! And beautiful! What did this project cost? Is it something you are going to market? Thank you for sharing this!

repka on 05/09/11

I’m not involved in this project, Corinne (although I wish I was that cool). You can try to contact the architect directly if you have specific questions:

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