October 8, 2011

If you like blackboard paint but not quite ready to drastically apply it all over your walls, you might consider the IdeaPaint. It offers a similar concept and much more predictable color scheme. This paint turns any wall into a dry-erase surface, allowing you to communicate messages, pin down ideas and generate volumes of marker art. With several colors available, the IdeaPaint may be used in any room – kitchen, home office, entrance area… It will definitely be a hit in a kids room! The application is as easy as painting the walls.

Monique Leigh on 10/08/11

This is pretty cool, but blackboard paint comes in multiple colors, too. http://www.hudsonpaint.com/chalkboard-paint-colors/ has 30 colors, several of which I’d actually be willing to use, unlike the majority of the (comparatively very few) colors I saw on IdeaPaint’s site.

Of course, there are also at least two ways (that I know of) to make your own paint using tile grout, so you can turn any paint color into chalkboard paint.

Personally, I’ve seen too many dry-erase boards get grotty over the years to really like them as walls. The main thing they have over chalk, IMO, is the more vibrant colors of markers.

kirsten on 10/12/11

love it – have to send someone over to the us now. great for a rental home actually :-)
thanks for sharing

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