October 14, 2011

Even though the fire escape gardening season is over, some of us, urban folks, still want to cultivate some greenery and fresh food. And if we hope to grow our herbs and veggies in a small city apartment, we need good strategy and proper tools. Mobile Food Garden by Nancy Wang offers both. It is a system that incorporates planters, overflow trays, perforated bases and even a compost station.

The garden is designed as an ecological system based around three dominant cycles found in nature: growth, water and nutrient. Most plant growth occurs in the top two levels. Seeds may be germinated in the lower levels and rotated to the top trays to allow further growth. Rainwater feeds garden from the top, it then flows through the lower planting trays and collects in the bottom water tray. A perfect circle. This vertical structure of the garden gives it some space-saving points as well.

‘Apartment homes do not have the luxury of a backyard and there is limited opportunity to experience gardening, – says Nancy Wang. – This mobile food garden project aims to reconnect apartment dwellers with nature, through the design of a product/system that improves the urban living gardening experience, while communicating urban dwellers the potential benefits of a more self-sufficient way of living.’

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