December 22, 2011

There are two things every pet owner knows about cat beds: 1) everything in your home is a cat bed (especially your trousers of the contrasting with the cat color); 2) your cat will take pride in ignoring your every attempt to provide her with a place to sleep. Cats are independent creatures, and it is challenging to keep their habits in sync with your organizational needs. But hopefully this piece from Lithuanian artists Vaiva Nat can give you an edge in your negotiations. Soft and wooly (made of 100% wool felt), the bed has a simple, modern design. It is also easily collapsable, and you can put it in any extravagant location your cat chooses as a slumber spot. I also love the fact that the shape of the bed gives both privacy and air to the cat. A well thought-out piece that might just work.

Laura on 12/22/11

I LOVE IT! I wanna be the cat inside. Is it available for two-leg-cats?
Meow, Laura

Gina Federico on 12/22/11

Truly exquisite. Brava Vaiva!

DC on 12/24/11

“in sync” not “in sink”


Natalia on 12/24/11

@DC – thanks!

linda on 12/29/11

so cute the katty, i almost thought it was my own cat, they looked similar!

ale on 12/29/11

Està tierno..=)

pip on 05/11/12

What a lovely idea! Kitty looks happy ^..^

Georgia on 05/13/12

Can you buy this anywhere in new Zealand? If so where ?

Svetlana on 07/05/13

I just bought one for my kittie from here : . Hopefully my cat will love it .

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