February 20, 2012

London based Swedish designers Helena Jonasson and Veronica Dagnert of Studio Vit had a very good idea. They have created a modular storage system, comprised of 11 boxes. All pieces are interchangeable and finished from all sides, so you can place them in the middle of the room or against the wall. Designers use the word “typography” while describing the product on their website. “Like characters in an alphabet, the boxes can be used on their own or grouped together, in the same way that single letters make words.” What a clever concept!

Enjoy the interview with Helena and Veronica, filmed during the Dezeen Platform exhibition, in which they demonstrate the product in action.

Sean Inglis on 02/21/12

They look well made, nice quality and proportions, and I like the fact they’re finished on all side.

But looking here and on the linked websites, they’re presented as a pile of boxes shovelled into a vast, pristing open space – where are the examples of practical use?

Chelsea on 02/29/12

There isn’t a close-up on the mechanisms so I could just not understand… but if it’s wood sliding against wood… you’re really banking on living in a climate with very little humidity in the air. The drawers looked stiff to push in/pull out and I wonder if they’d swell and get stuck in the summer.

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