February 26, 2012

In the moment when the whole civilized world is thinking of the Oscars, faithfully yours is in the award rush of a different kind  – The Homies. It’s that time of year, when Apartment Therapy, one of the greatest blogs about interior design, is surveying blogosphere to determine the crème de la crème of home blogging. So, if any of you, kind readers, wishes to share the love and vote for Shoebox Dwelling – you can go here, sign in, and make your voice heard. Thank you all (especially those folks who put my link up there, you’re all kinds of awesome)! xxx

Found you over at AT. You’ve got a great blog – congrats on your well deserved nom :)

Natalia on 02/27/12

Thank you so much!!

Found you from AT – congrats on the nomination and all the votes. You can count mine among them, I love your blog. So happy I found it.

I’m from Dans le Townhouse, a little DIY blog waaaaay down on AT’s list. I’m cheering you on from the back of the pack (much like where I was when any athletics were involved back in High School. sigh).

Good luck!!

Natalia on 02/29/12

Haha! Thanks so much Tanya! *waving* Just had a pick at your blog, it’s gorgeous. Count me in as a subscriber. And good luck to you too! A lot can happen in 2 days.

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