April 17, 2012

Read vs. unread bookshelf idea is not new, but Australian designer Robert Stadler executed it so beautifully, it made me look. The Origami-like object is made of aluminum composite and folded into a clever W-shaped structure, allowing us to divide the books into two stacks.

Here is how the designer describes it: “‘Transitory bookshelf’ points out a well known dilemma – books are piling up at home because we lack time to read them. This object combines two inclined platforms which help us to handle the situation : the ‘read!’ section reminds us that we should take time to read; the ‘read.’ section’s purpose is to digest books we have recently read before they disappear into the jungle of our main bookshelf.”

The Transitory Bookshelf is shown at the Milan Design Week till April 22nd.

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