June 8, 2012

What urban dweller doesn’t dream of a piece of outdoor space… We are so cramped in our tiny boxes, even a little balcony would make our lives brighter. But we all know that any step outside the dimensions of your apartment is an expensive luxury. But maybe there is a way to make that step without paying a fortune. Dutch architectural firm Hofman Dujardin has designed the Bloomframe, an innovative window that transforms into a balcony with the click of a button. What an exciting idea! This dynamic balcony is flexible and can be installed in the variety of buildings.

(via enpundit)

mandy on 06/08/12


mandy on 06/08/12

Oh, the links don’t work…

Natalia on 06/08/12

Thanks Mandy! Fixed the links.

Flash on 06/09/12

this is amazing

ShoDanG on 06/21/12


ShoDanG on 06/21/12

How much?

noel on 09/07/12

Can anyone please tell me from where i can buy this product?

aurimas on 10/14/12

I would like to buy this product,where i could do this?

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