June 21, 2012

The Transformer Table by Quentin Kelley is an ultimate small space hit. In its folded state the piece is only 12″ wide and can be used as a console or sofa table. But when the dinner party is in formation, it unravels into a 36″ wide, spacious dining table. The piece is quite a looker too – made from solid wood and elegantly shaped, it requires no compromises between beauty and function. It quite simply offers both. Wishlisted for a future dream shoebox…

Jason on 09/10/12

I’m interested in this table, where would you buy it?


Virginia on 12/20/12

what are the dimensions of this table ? where can i find it?

Treasure on 03/28/13

I would like to know where to buy this table!

Deidre on 04/09/13

Where can I buy this table?

Gail on 08/07/13

I am interested in this table. Where can you buy it and how much is it?

Becky on 11/05/13

Where would I buy this table?

Analisa Moreno on 12/22/13

Price, possibility of getting it in white, shipping and time.

Mary Ann Maurer on 02/08/14

Please let me know where can I see this table in person in NYC?

Marie Lenzi on 02/10/14

Likewise, please let me know where I can see this table in person in NYC?
Too bad you do not provide dimensions, color availability, price…

Natalia on 02/11/14

Please follow the link to designer’s website, you will find dimensions. There is also a contact info for pricing inquiries.

Marie Lenzi on 02/11/14

Your response was as useless as the original ad.
Don’t you know when people ask for dimensions they are looking for real information. So don’t send them back to the useless web ad that originally spawned the question.

Natalia on 02/11/14

@Marie The table featured in this post is a custom piece. Which would be obvious if you followed the link I provided. I linked to the designer who made this piece, hence – the best place to acquire additional details. If you don’t find this information useful – please feel free to expand your search beyond the realm of this blog.

Janice zappala on 03/11/14

Where can I purchase table. Does it seat 6…

Lucy belton on 03/29/14

Where can I buy this table?

Mary on 07/27/14

Love this table where can I get it,

Jennifer D on 10/07/14

Love this table, need one for my new place or very similar. Where can I get one?

Jessica on 03/19/15

Where can I get this table and how much ???

Alex Standiford on 03/29/15

what a fantastic design! Looks beautiful too. The hinges are tiny, and not very noticeable and the table folds nice and flat. What kind of a hinge is that?

Sue on 08/02/15

I saw lots of comments asking where to find/purchase a table like this, but I did not see any responses. Is this even available to the general public anywhere?

Natalia on 08/02/15

@Sue I answered twice. Please follow the link in the post for designers’ website. There you will find the instructions on how to contact them directly for pricing and other inquiries.

Marjorie on 10/24/15

Love this table. Where can I buy it in the United Kingdom

Greg on 12/18/15

Hi, Is this table available for Sale? What are the dimensions of it?

Josee on 12/18/15

Where can I purchase this table? Is it a table? I’m curious about it’s dimensions and what the asking price is. Does it fold out or is it two separate tables I have to purchase together?

chris harrison on 04/04/17

https://www.havertys.com/furniture/clanton-breakfast-bar not as big but similar design. I bought one in Feb 2017 and am happy with it.

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