June 29, 2012

- Stunning salad farming installation.

- Cool and hilarious OMG Eye Chart cocktail shaker.

- Don’t Make-Up and Drive, a compelling and unsettling Volkswagen ad – just won gold in Cannes.

- How clever is this? Spray juice directly from a citrus fruit! Wishlisted.

- Gorgeous hand-cut minimalist maps.

- Ant-free elevated picnic platters - make all those al fresco efforts more civilized.

- This is currently the wallet of my dreams.

- Mrs. Doubtfire recut as a horror movie – chilling.

- An iPhone case that keeps glare from ruining your pictures – pledge on Kickstarter to get yours.

- And don’t forget – tomorrow a leap second will make the day one second longer! Watch it happen here. (via @zomgmouse)

Have a fantastic weekend folks!

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