July 4, 2012

Danish manufacturer Montana Møbler created this collection of modular storage. Comprised of 42 basic units, each available in 49 colors and special sufraces, the system allows you to customize the size, the look and the transparency of your storage. The number of accessories featured in this line is also quite impressive. You can add drawers, doors, partitions, lighting and many other elements to your design. In description of the product, Montana referes to the notion  – system design. Here is how they explain it: “Montana is a system design that is based upon the cardinal number 5.7 cm. 1/12 of a shelving unit corresponds to 5.7 cm and is the distance between two shelf positions. 5.7 cm is the measurement linking Montana to the universal DIN paper formats, including the A4 format.” The vibrancy of colors is, however, my favorite part of this collection. Allied with many customizable details, it makes storage beautiful.

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