July 5, 2012

Kane Chan, the owner of this sleek NY loft, moved to Big Apple from London in 2009. He found this 520 square feed one bedroom apartment in an old industrial building in East Village. The 1929 landmark has been converted to co-ops in the seventies. What in real estate agents’ jargon sounded like “charming prewar details” (pardon the bitterness – I’m apartment hunting) in reality amounted to scary-looking dingy surfaces, narrow rooms and an unlivable loft, occupied by the AC system. Only his photos (see the thumbnails after the break) can speak to the level of transformation.

But the apartment had good bones, not to mention – great light coming from a huge window. With the help of the designer Sergio Mercado, the full benefit of these qualities emerged. “The space was bisected by the bedroom wall,” Mercado says. Once that came down, the full beauty and light from the windows was revealed. The mezzanine loft is now a bedroom. Though only 227 square feet, it is elegant and efficient, with storage area for books in the oak shelf. Thoughtful color accents throughout the apartment, expertly played against shades of gray, break the monochrome scheme, diving the sense of completeness to the space.

(via hvhinteriors and nymag)

Holly on 07/05/12

Isn’t this just an amazing transformation? Thanks for the link back 😉

Holly on 07/05/12

oops, hit submit by mistake… Just wanted to add… happy to find your blog!

Natalia on 07/05/12

Thanks Holly! Likewise.

Holly on 07/07/12

Should be subtitled ‘Anything is possible with high ceilings’ (and money)

Rahul on 05/23/13

its really awesome

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