July 6, 2012

– Shelter “byGG” – a cool experimental housing concept combines sculpture and architecture to create a cocoon style habitation space.

– Sixty Eight competitive designs of the Great Tower for London, which was never built.

– I’m obsessed with this electronic magazine lately – Llamas’ Valley. Inspiring, tasteful and full of great original content.

– The rebirth of the pocket watch – a fun and multifunctional watch by Mathieu Lehanneur.

– Hysterical – Avocado Bathtub by glorious David Mitchell and Robert Webb.

– Cool aerial nude photography by John Crawford.

Dante’s nine circles of hell recreated in LEGO.

– Probably the most satisfying trash can ever made.

– Finally! Chameleon bandage.

– I feel that I should introduce you to such a thing as Russian sarcasm. This pseudo guide to Norilsk would be a place to start.

Have a nice weekend, guys!

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