July 10, 2012

Fair Companies never disappoint. One of the recent home tours they have posted simply made me gasp, that’s how brilliant it is. The 40 square meter (430 square foot) apartment is comprised of a bedroom, living room, fully equipped kitchen (even the wine cooler is there), dining room, dressing room and a shower. Inspired by traditional Japanese architecture, the author of the project, Miguel Angel, used sliding doors to divide the place into zones and create privacy when it’s needed. These doors move in multiple directions, allowing for softer closings of one large space. How clever. But my favorite detail of the apartment is the indoor/outdoor shower. Located in the center of the apartment, it features a hole in the ceiling. From above the hole appears to be a simple planter on the roof deck with the ivy plants disguising the depth of the descent (though the wood of the planter is the same wood of the shower). From inside, the hole turns an otherwise windowless bathroom into a magical place. During a storm it allows showering in the rain, provides cool air during summer and creates an illusion of a tropical retreat during chilly winter days… Check out the video to see the comprehensive tour of this rare urban gem.

werni on 08/09/12

small houses can be soo intriging for a designer… I’m working on a 32sqm gut renovation of a pvt residence in Athens, Greece, have a look here: http://wernermaritsas.wordpress.com/2011/11/23/house-a-preview/

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