July 11, 2012

These modular children’s dressers by Chigo made me look. Comprised of stackable pieces, this system can grow as tall as you like, which is a great way of adapting kids’ furniture to an adult life. The design is neutral enough and the colors are just happy enough to be innocuous in a grown up bedroom. Each modular piece fits fine as a stand-alone object set up side by side or around the room. And if you want to build a taller configuration, the units fit perfectly one above the other. A must have for a small apartment, where often the only way to expand is up.

(via dornob)

vista orthodontist on 07/12/12

I love this. This means that I can get more storage without cluttering any more space. You can use it as a makeshift book storage right?

Alicja Schindler on 08/02/12

I like the idea.

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