July 23, 2012

This minimalist shelf by Carme Pinós studio caught my eye. Made out of 2mm thick piece of steel, the Moni shelf is folded and attached to the wall, creating multiple configurations. The piece reminds me of Umbra’s famous Conceal shelf. Here too – the storage becomes visually overtaken by the stored items. “Moni’s receptacle form facilitates easy storage of books and objects, and takes on a weightless appearance as the number of books grows.” – designers explain. The piece is available in three depths – 20cm-25cm-30cm, and two finishes – vanished and coated.

Chanakya on 07/26/12


Is this available for sale? If yes, then how much?


Tamar on 07/26/12

Is this available for sale?
If so, where and how can I buy it and for how much?


Mark on 07/27/12

Ditto. Look very cool. I’d love to know ordering details.

The pieces are sold through the website: http://www.objects.es. You can find prices and shipping costs there.

дмитрий on 08/03/12

скрлько стоит и как заказать!!!Спасибо

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