October 5, 2012

These simple boxes are created by the French studio YPLFL for the purpose of storing small items. The inspiration for the series came from designer’s habit to store change, car keys and other essentials into actual building bricks. Eventually the concept was streamlined and transformed into these wooden boxes – Les Briques – that are colorful and fun. You can stack them on top of each other to save space. Available for purchase here.

Maria on 10/08/12

Hope you’ll never need to get at the red brick at the bottom of the pile 😀

Kimono From Japan on 10/09/12

How sleek and cool! I’m looking for ideas to organize my work space, les briques have a lot going for them. BTW love the premise for this blog, my husband and I are living in a tiny apartment in Tokyo and I’m always interested in ways to get more out of our space. = Thank you, Natalia!

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